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2011 All Star Camp Wraps Up

 The 2011 USTA SC-Van Der Meer All Star Camp was held over the weekend of February 5-6.  Over three dozen elite players from around the state gathered at Lexington Tennis Center to receive instruction both on the court and off.  The players ranged from ages 12 to 18 and their skills truly showed off the bright future of tennis in South Carolina. 

Saturday started off raining and very cold, so the players were treated to a presentation by Feature Coach Chuck Kriese, whose years of experience in guiding college and professional players were not lost on the attendees.  Coach Kriese spoke to the motivation, dedication and mental fortitude that playing as a high level player requires. 

Once Coach Kriese’s presentation wrapped up, the players moved to the Gymnasium at the Tri-City Leisure Center where Robert Hendrix of Body Shop Athletics helped them work on agility, footwork and endurance using ladders, jump ropes, and even the bleachers. 

Sunday morning dawned crisp and clear so the players eagerly took to the courts.  Coach Kriese once again provided powerful insight, shaping player’s shots to achieve maximum power, placement, and strategy.  The morning session was followed by top-notch singles play in the afternoon with the kids utilizing the many tips they had received throughout the weekend. 

There are many individuals who helped bring this camp together, chief among them the coaches who joined us:  Ben Cook, Cornelius Jordan, Marilda Julia, Chuck Kriese, Carlos Lozano, Cadill Maharaj, Jack Miller, Mark Smith, Judit Trunkos, Chip Wilson, and Sophie Woroons-Johnston.  Also vital to the success of the camp are the parents of the players, and the staff at Lexington County Tennis Complex.