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4.0-5.0 League State Championship Results

The 4.0-5.0 Adult League State Championships concluded in Aiken on Memorial day with some fantastic tennis.  Players endured the heat to give the crowds lots of great shots, and amazing play.  This year's championships included the re-addition of the 5.0 women's division, after an absence of several years.   Teams played through their local leagues, city playoffs and over a dozen other city champions for their chance to claim the crown on the court.  With their victory teams will advance to the Southern Sectional Championships where they will compete to advance on to the USTA National Championships. 

USTA Adult Leagues allow players 18 and older to compete in both singles and doubles in divisions divided by skill level.  The single gender teams play three doubles courts and two singles courts in a match, with the team taking the most courts claiming victory.  Statewide, USTA Leagues had nearly 50,000 participants in 2010, and the leagues continue to grow in 2011.  

To see pictures of the champions, and lots of other shots, click here.  

4.0 Men's Champions: SATL, Capt. Karl Schaeffer
4.0 Men's Finalist: LCTA 2, Capt. Tony Wespy

4.0 Women's Champion: LATA 2, Capt. Christina Poston
4.0 Women's Finalist: LATA 1, Capt. Carey Wood

4.5 Men's Champions: UPTA 1, Capt. John Wofford
4.5 Men's Finalists: LCTA, Capt. Mark Mogul

4.5 Women's Champions: LCTA, Capt. Amy Templeton
4.5 Women's Finalists: FTA, Capt. Rhonda Watson

5.0 Men's Champions: GSTL, Capt. Marvin Colley
5.0 Men's Finalists: AATL, Capt. Fernando Guevara

5.0 Women's Champions: LCTA, Capt. Amy White
5.0 Women's Finalists: HHI, Capt. Denise Agee