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USTA South Carolina Vounteer Directory

Committee Charges

2018-2019 USTA South Carolina Committees

Committees are listed in alphabetical order.

Adaptive and Special Olympics Tenniss

   Diane Barker, Co-Chair Rex Maynard
  Jack Barker, Co-Chair Skeeter Powell
  Kelly Garrick David Rogers
  Kevin McFarland Stan Seabrook    
  Thomas Massey  

Adult Competition
Responsible for all sanctioned adult tournaments.

  Gary Link, Chair Jackie Reynecke
  Carlos Lozano Tom Ruth
  Amy Martin Kevin Jackson, BL

Solicits nominations and chooses annual award recipients.

  Ron Charron, Chair Larry Rizzo
  Jack Barker Franny Russell
  Sam Hicks Chuck Waldron  
  Rex Maynard  Dr. Carol Alan, BL

Budget and Audit
Develops a proposed budget for the upcoming year and submits it to the Board for approval. During the year, the committee monitors the organization’s financial operations and recommends any necessary budget revisions to the board for approval. Annually, this committee is a liaison to the CPA auditing USTA SC.

  Terry Ferrell, Chair Chris Pricenor
  David Honeycutt Rose Santiago-Toca
  Kevin Light James McKissick, BL
  Roy Lindburg  

By-Laws and Policies 
Responsible for maintaining, updating and revising the Association By-Laws as needed, and obtaining appropriate approval. The Committee also is responsible for maintaining and organizing the Association’s policies and procedures and suggesting new or revised policies and procedures where needed.

  Bob Peiffer, Chair    James McKissick
  Ron Charron Marc Stingley
  Kevin Jackson  
  Thomas Massey  

Diversity and Inclusion 
Make diversity considerations as an embedded part of USTA South Carolina.

  Cynthia Walters, Chair Franny Russell
  Jorge Andrew Fanni Simmons
  Rick Fountain Marc Stingley
  David Rogers Pat Harris, BL

Event Planning
Responsible for planning and managing the USTA South Carolina's annual meeting and other major events.

  Franny Russell, Chair  
  Ernie James             

Responsible for investigating and adjudicating any written grievance brought against a USTA organizational or individual member concerning any alleged violation of a USTA, USTA Southern or USTA South Carolina bylaw, policy or regulation, The Code, or the Rules of Tennis. Exceptions to this are grievances arising out of adult league and Junior Team Tennis programs.

  Craig Wells, Chair Connie Moynihan
  Barbara Durk Cynthia Walters
  Jonathan Hogue Carey Washington

Investment Management
Reviews the recommendations of an investment consultant and monitors the performance of the investments of a portion of the association's reserves.

  Kevin Light, Chair James McKissick
  David Honeycutt Mary Margaret Hyatt

Junior Competition
Responsible for all tournament-related activity for junior players in S.C.

  Jonathan Barth, Chair Gary Link
  Richard Davis Nancy Powell
  Theresa Hendrix Toby Simpson
  Jonathan Hogue Linda Spratt
  Kevin Jackson  

Junior Team Tennis

  April Gift, Chair Nancy Powell 
  Irma Brooks Mark Schminke
  Ashlyn Cousins Fanni Simmons
  Mehdi El-Kheddiwi Cynthia Walters
  Lane Hinson Kevin Jackson, BL 
  Alex Moncayo  

League Committee

  Jessica Harrell, Chair Jackie Reynecke
  Bonnie Sue Duncan Shawn Risher
  Sandra Grooms Ed Sprenger
  Joyce Harrison Susan Turner
  Sam Hicks Dee Vaughan
  Susie Honeycutt Jerry Wayne
  Mike Martin Steve Wilson
  Patti McVey Nan Smith
  Kim Ozmon  

Prepares a slate of nominees for all positions subject to election at any annual business meeting.

  Bob Peiffer, Chair Dan Santorum  
  Ron Charron Mary Anna Scott
  Mary Margaret Hyatt Ernie James, BL
  James McKissick  


  Al Marshall, Chair Danny Rauton
  Bob Keivit Stan Seabrook
  Gary Link SueEllen Swanson
  Connie Moynihan   Craig Wells, BL


  Gayl Hoel, Chair Craig Wells
  Paul Pittman Terry Ferrell, BL

Player Development
sponsible for all activities relating to the development and improvement of junior players in South Carolina.

  Carlos Lozano, Chair Alex Moncayo      
  Joey Eskridge David Rogers
  Rick Fountain Stan Seabrook
  Theresa Hendrix Linda Spratt
  Lane Hinson Luke Whiteside
  Erick Martinez  Jonathan Barth, BL
  Bryan Minton  

Senior Cup
rganizes the men’s and women’s teams that represent South Carolina in the Southern Section Senior Cup Tournament. Captains of the two teams are members of the committee.

  Tom Foster, Chair Charly Rasheed
  Cindy Babb Ben Varn
  Brenda Carter Bob Peiffer, BL
  Jim Hinson                  

Strategic Planning and Evaluation
Committee prepares a plan to be updated annually. The committee also provides a procedure for measuring progress against the Plan and prepares an annual progress report.

  Susan Turner, Chair James McKissick
  Gayl Hoel Craig Wells
  Mary Margaret Hyatt Carlos Lozano, BL

Tennis Coaches
Responsible for communication between USTA SC and the coaches and teaching professionals in South Carolina, informing them of USTA programs and objectives, encouraging certification and continued learning and training, as well as providing a voice for coaches and tennis pros to USTA SC.

  Tom Ruth, Chair Alex Moncayo
  Jorge Andrew Nancy Powell
  Brian Clark Mark Schminke
  Joey Eskridge Marc Stingley
  Rick Fountain Rebecca Williamson
  Rob Hill Jackie Reynecke, BL
  Amy Martin            

Wheelchair Tennis
Promotes the growth of wheelchair tennis in the state by organizing events, providing equipment, and coaching and finding players.

  Taylor Wingate, Chair Skeeter Powell
  Sarah Casteel David Rogers
  Julie Jilly Bob Masella, BL

Adhoc - Adult Player Task Force

  Ed Sprenger, Chair Kim Ozmon
  Lorna Cintron Tom Ruth
  Barbara Durk Susan Turner
  Rob Hill Roy Lindburg, BL
  Dee Mack  

Adhoc - Growth & Innovation

  Nan Smith, BL Rose Santiago-Toca
  Barbara Durk Susan Turner
  Charlotte Forrest Luke Whiteside
  Franny Russell  


Adhoc - RCRC

  Nan Smith, Chair Carlos Lozano
  Jorge Andrew Jerry Odom
  Domino Boulware