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We're here to help you grow tennis all over South Carolina! Please feel free to email or call the staff member you think can help you get started. In the Columbia area, our office line is (803) 781-2574. Elsewhere, we can be reached by calling (800) 644-7282. To learn more about our mission, click here.
Executive Director
ext. 102
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
ext. 110

Kara coordinates and supports USTA South Carolina marketing and communication strategies. She promotes the sport of tennis and USTA programs to members of the organization and to the general population of South Carolina by implementing initiatives and monitoring and coaching local providers to communicate and present services to positively impact participation.

Manager of Community Engagement
ext. 115

Pamela coordinates USTA School Tennis programs which include in-school physical education, after school programs such as Kids’ Clubs, and high school tennis through the No-Cut Coach registry. Her focus is to increase the number of youth exposed to tennis and to bridge their connection to local program options. Pamela also promotes the many available grants and resources the USTA office has available for youth tennis programs.


Katrina Edwards
Senior Director of Operations & Administration
ext. 107

Katrina manages office operations and administrative support, including basic accounting and human resource duties. She also manages the Annual Meeting and corporate events with our Board and the South Carolina Tennis Patrons Foundation.

Coordinator of Junior Programs
ext. 113


The Coordinator of Junior Programs is focused on the promotion and growth of junior participation opportunities through Junior Team Tennis and junior competition. They provide customer service support and work closely with our tournament directors, teaching pros, parents, and Junior Team Tennis coordinators and coaches.


Jessica Harrell
Director of Adult Programs
ext. 103

Jessica leads USTA Adult League tennis programs in South Carolina, beginner programs and social leagues.


Associate Executive Director
ext. 101

Sheryl works with local tennis providers and organizations to improve the quality and range of recreational tennis programs. A major focus of Community Development is recruiting and training community tennis leaders throughout the state to create, expand and strengthen CTAs and NJTLs. She oversees and supports applicants with many of the USTA grants. Sheryl is also the contact for Tennis on Campus, Tennis Apprentice and the young professional’s league, Serve. Rally. Pour.


Amanda Morelli
Manager of Tournaments and Player Development
ext. 105


Director of Marketing and Communications
ext. 104

Emily develops and directs the USTA South Carolina marketing and communication strategies. She promotes the sport of tennis and USTA programs to the general population of South Carolina and our members by implementing initiatives and assisting local providers with their marketing. Emily is responsible for our website and our social media. She also oversees our media and public relations activity.


Susan Turner
Manager of Adult Leagues
ext. 140

Susan manages the Adult Leagues in South Carolina. She provides customer service for all those involved with the Adult Leagues including new players, existing players, captain’s and coordinators. Susan is responsible for the organization and management of the state league championships.


Kelly Hesketh
USTA Southern Tennis Service Representative - South Carolina

Kelly works with tennis facility leaders and professionals in the Upstate region to grow tennis at the local level. Kelly also travels the state, establishing relationships with local program providers and assisting them with whatever they might need, including marketing materials and educational information.

Phone: (864) 630-7974