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John Sheffield
Executive Director
John is responsible for all the staff activity within USTA/South Carolina and serves as the USTA/South Carolina representative at meetings of the USTA and other tennis-related organizations. In addition, he serves as a speaker and trainer at various meetings and workshops around the state. He serves as volunteer on the USTA/Southern Budget and Community Development Committees.
Phone: (803) 772-2484

Nick Lawrence
Webmaster & Publications Coordinator
Nick the USTA/South Carolina Webmaster (for and is in charge of the layout and design of all 3 USTA/South Carolina publications: the yearbook and summer/winter magazines. He also serves as consultant and trainer for local community tennis associations in development of their CTA web sites. He is also liaison to the USTA/South Carolina Senior Cup and Officials Committees.
Phone: (803) 772-2484

Mary Goins

State USA League Tennis Coordinator
Mary is in charge of all USA League Tennis programs in the state: Adult, Senior, Mixed Doubles, Combo Doubles and Super Senior Doubles. She oversees all the state league championships and, with help from volunteer state program coordinators for Senior League, Mixed Doubles, Combo Doubles and Super Senior Doubles, trains and supervises all local league coordinators.
Phone: (864) 855-0881
Fax: (864) 859-4502

Phil Meador
TennisLink & Ratings Coordinator
Phil is responsible for the smooth operation of TennisLink by league players, captains and local coordinators – ensuring that the online registration of players and the updated of league match scores is done accurately and in a timely manner. In his part-time role with USTA/South Carolina, he also monitors the Dynamic NTRP ratings of all league players and notifies those whose ratings have changed due to performance in recent matches.
Phone: (843) 545-1366
Fax: (843) 545-1366

Graham Cox
Community Development Coordinator
Graham is responsible for the promotion of new tennis programs and the expansion of existing programs throughout the state. As Director of the Community Development Department, his main strategy is to work in concert with Community Tennis Association leaders and other partner organizations to recruit and train eager volunteers to help grow the game community by community.
Phone: (803) 772-2484

Bonnie Sue Duncan
Greenville Area Community Coordinator

As a part-time staff member, Bonnie is responsible for the promotion and development of all USA Tennis programs and for the USTA support of all other tennis programs in the greater Greenville area. In her other roles as a volunteer, she serves USTA/South Carolina as the local coordinator for USA League Tennis in the Upper Piedmont Tennis Association (UPTA) and as the state coordinator of the USTA/Southern Super Senior Doubles program.
Phone: (864) 322-8305
Fax: (864) 292-0314

Avery Kauffman
Tournament Coordinator and Accountant

Avery is responsible for posting of tournament results to reflect accurately the standings and rankings of sanctioned tournament players. She works closely with tournament directors, the Adult Ranking Committee, the Junior Tennis Council and the Sanction & Schedule Committee to ensure that USTA regulations are enforced. She also keeps the financial books for the association and cuts the checks weekly. Her normal office hours are 11 to 4 Monday-Thursday and 11-3 on Fridays.
Phone: (803) 772-2484

Becky McPhee
Administrative Assistant to the Director
Becky handles a variety of office tasks including such projects as directing phone calls, research/planning of office building expansion, volunteer recruitment/placement, facility maintenance, mass mailings, and the association’s annual meeting.
Phone: (803) 772-2484

Ayako Suzuki and Catherine Brown
Summer Intern

Ayako and Catherine will spend this summer learning the ropes of USTA/South Carolina’s operation to Promote and Develop the Growth of tennis. They are varsity tennis players on the Women’s Team from USC doing an internship for credit as part of their Sports Administration major. They will participate in a variety of inter-departmental projects during their stay with us.
Phone: (803) 772-2484