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The South Carolina Tennis Patrons Foundation (SCTPF) is sponsoring a Tennis License Plate that can be obtained from the South Carolina DMV. The plate costs $30 above the standard registration fee, payable every two years. The $30 goes to the SCTPF, a 501(c)(3) charity that provides grants to kids-at-risk programs, academic scholarships to high school seniors and need-based grants to junior players. 

Here is how you can get your plate:
In the box on the right side of the DMV web page, under Vehicle Services, click on “Exchange a plate for a new plate design”.  With your current registration card in hand, fill out the required information.

Note: the vehicle number requested is the one that appears at the top right on your registration card. Choose the Play Tennis! plate that appears in the gallery of specialty plates. Pay fees with a credit card.

The DMV assigns numbers in ascending order (now in the 500’s). They will mail you the plate with a new registration and stickers. If you have questions, call the DMV help line at (803) 896-5000.
You can also go to your local DMV, or download the DMV form MV-95 from the DMV website, fill it out and send it in. The Play Tennis! plate is not yet listed on this form, but the fee for the plate is $30 in addition to any registration fees that may be due.
The DMV will mail you the plate with a new registration and stickers. If you have any problems or questions, the DMV encourages you to call their help line at 803-896-5000.