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  • For USTA League Tennis questions, Tennislink/ratings and on-line league set up contact Mary Goins.  For more League information select the League tab on the left side of this Web Site.

  • For questions regarding Adult Tournament Play, contact Jamie Peebles. 

  • For information on Adult Team Tennis contact Graham Cox.

  • If you can't find what you're looking for, please call our office at 1-800-644-7282.

  • For more information on Senior Cup, click here.

Adult Competition     
Looking for more than league play to improve you game and obtain a ranking? Participation in our local, state and sectional tournaments will provide more competition, more challenge and a chance to improve your ranking as well as your game. Participating in tournaments introduces players to new game styles, new level of play, new challenges, new friends and the opportunity to play tennis. Our state offers all different level tournaments for inexperienced players as well as very experienced players.  
Click here to see our tournament schedule.

Adult Ranking Information
The adult ranking process in our state is designed to recognize the accomplishments and participation of South Carolina legal residents in sanctioned tournaments during the calendar year. It is the player’s responsibility to check their records. The player’s tournament record will not be calculated in their league standing.
For more information click here. 

Not sure How to Register to play in a Tournament?                             
You can register for any tournament in South Carolina by visiting our Tournaments Page.  The tournaments are divided into levels.  Level I Tournaments receive the most points and Level IV Tournaments receive the least amount of points.  Select the tournament ID number for any tournament you would like more information on.  This will also take you to the tournament homepage, where you can register for the tournament.

Tired of Competing Against Young Players?
The Senior NTRP divisions are brand new and are slowly being added to tournaments throughout our state.  Our senior population is more active then ever and there are number of tournaments available offering only senior divisions. The divisions offered are by NTRP divisions, this allows you to be able to compete against players at your same age and ability level.  You can recognize if a tournament is offering these divisions by the abbreviation of S (Senior) listed before the abbreviation of the event.  Example:  S50NW3.0D – Senior 50 NTRP Women’s 3.0 Doubles.                             

Mixed Double Tournaments
Do you enjoy mixed doubles play and want to play more than just during your league season?  Most of our adult events offer mixed doubles events. A mixed doubles team is made of 1 male and 1 female of any age.  Example:  CX7.0d  - NTRP Combined Mixed 7.0 Doubles). 

For adult and senior tournament information contact Jamie Peebles.