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Frequently Asked Questions about the South Carolina Tennis License Plate
Q: When will the plate be available?
A: The plate is now available online.  Find instruction on how to order here
Q: How much will the plate cost?
A: The fee for this specialty plate will be $30 above the standard registration fee. This is paid every two years, not annually, so in effect the plate costs only $15 per year. This is low compared to many specialty plates already in existence in South Carolina.
Q: What if I want the plate but I’ve already paid my registration fee? Do I get a rebate?
A: The DMV will not issue rebates, but the registration fee is waived if you are in the first year of your registration. You only pay the $30. If you are in the second year of your registration (your last bill was for taxes only), you pay one half the registration fee plus the $30. Your renewal will then be adjusted to one year later than your current date.
Q: Where does the $30 go?
A: The $30 collected by the DMV is sent to the South Carolina Tennis Patrons Foundation (SCTPF), which is the sponsor of the plate. The money will be used to further the Foundation’s philanthropic mission.
Q: What is the South Carolina Tennis Patrons Foundation?
 A: The SCTPF is a 501(c)(3) charity organization established in 1984 to provide grants to kids at risk programs, need-based grants to junior competitive tennis players and academic scholarships to high school seniors. The SCTPF also administers the South Carolina Tennis Hall of Fame and annually inducts worthy persons into the Hall. To learn more about the SCTPF, go to
Q: Can I ask for a specific plate number or lettering?
A: Generally, no. This plate, like all similar specialty plates, is not a "vanity plate". The prefix letters are fixed at "TS" by the DMV and the numbers are assigned by the DMV to applicants on a first-come-first-served basis. The sooner you apply, the lower number you’ll get! However, the SCTPF, as plate sponsor, controls the first 100 numbers and can assign them to specific persons for a one-time donation of $100 to the SCTPF. Many of the numbers have already been assigned but there are some remaining. If you have an interest in a two-digit number, send an email to