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  1. The USA Tennis NJTL mission is relevant to you and your community.
  2. Be associated with a credible organization that has proven, mission-driven programs   that work well on public courts and a network of leaders who can assist in raising local private and public funds.
  3. Chapters have permission to use the name, logos, and Arthur Ashe materials of USA Tennis NJTL exclusively in a specified territory.
  4. Receive program materials designed to work in public parks and schools and participate in training for coaches and key staff.  In the past chapters and programs have received at no charge a stock of posters with room for local information, an on-court leaders’ manual, tennis-teaching curriculums, program score sheets, registration materials, and a program development guide (with extras available at non-profit pricing).   They have received a variety of Arthur Ashe materials designed to attract local support.
  5. Participate in sectional/district/regional events designed for USA Tennis NJTL teams such as inter-city/county competitions and regional rallies.
  6. Be listed in the first National Registry of USA Tennis NJTL Chapter and Programs.  The listing includes: the category of the chapter or program: the names of its board of directors, officers, or key volunteer leaders; date of origin; size of budget; number of sites; number of children reached in last reported year; legal charitable statues; address, phone numbers, etc.  The Registry will be made available as a reference book to major foundations interest in youth, the ATP and WTA Tours, player agents, tournament directors, all USTA sections and districts and all chapters and programs.  It will be updated every two years.
  7. Receive a leadership-oriented newsletter focusing on USA Tennis NJTL chapter achievements at least twice a year.
  8. Be eligible to receive for staff or volunteers a paid trip(s) (standard reimbursement for travel lodging and registrations) to the USTA’s National Community Development Tennis Workshop in November, based on achievement of nationally established fund-raising goals.  The national budget could be supplemented by the USTA sections to further increase this incentive.
  9. Be invited to major USTA sectional and/or district events that promote exchange of information and networking with tennis leaders in the section or district.  This would also include training opportunities for coaching and administrative staff in on-court programming, organizational development, educational guidance services, and private and public fundraising.
  10. Be eligible to purchase T-shirts, racquets, trophies and balls at a discount through our national group-purchasing program.
  11. Be eligible for general public liability and other group insurance packages at the lowest possible price.
  12. There is an opportunity for key board members and/or volunteers to participate on USA Tennis NJTL’s National Development Committee.
  13. Be eligible for your youngsters to receive USA Tennis NJTL Educational Scholarship Funds raised by the USTA Foundation, and additional funds raised by the Arthur Ashe Foundation.
  14. Be eligible for USTA/MPC Player Development Grants, as well as various other special opportunities (such as the Invitational Tennis Camp) and grants available through the USTA sections and/or the USTA national office.
  15. USA Tennis NJTL Instructors receive a 10% discount to attend a Development Coaches Workshop.
  16. Be eligible for your youngsters to participate in Arthur Ashe Essay Contest.  Winner receive an all expense paid trip to New York, and are honored at Arthur Ashe Kids Day, which takes place during the beginning of the US Open.
  17. Be eligible for your youngsters to participate in the National Invitational Tennis Camp.  Winners get to experience a weeklong all expense paid leadership tennis camp.