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USA Tennis Plan For Growth is the largest initiative ever launched to promote and develop the growth of tennis in the United States.

The United States Tennis Association (USTA) is supporting this initiative with a $31.4 million investment over five years, and the Tennis Industry Association (TIA) is contributing $1.3 million annually – for a total investment of $37.9 million.  The initiative represents a collaborative effort among the following organizations in the tennis community: USTA, TIA, National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA), International Health, Racquet and Sports club Association (IHRSA), United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA), Professional Tennis Registry (PTR), ATP Tour, COREL WTA Tour, World TEAMTENNIS, and National Intramural Racquet Sports Association(NIRSA).

USA Tennis programs promise to revolutionize tennis participation in America by providing people of all ages with an easy-to-follow pathway of linked programs.  The pathway consists of USA Tennis programs that offer opportunities to:

Try The Game
Learn The Skills
Play With Friends
Compete In Match Play

The pathway is easy for everyone to access and follow.  Youth and adults can participate in the tennis program that is ideally suited for them.

Prospective players are introduced to a sport that is fun, easy to learn, and boasts great health and social benefits.  Current players are encouraged to continue playing a sport they can enjoy for a lifetime.

USA Tennis programs are easy to stage and will help grow tennis participation in your community:

USA Tennis Rock 'n Rally is a fun-filled event offering free tennis instruction by teaching professionals along with lots of games and activities.  Designed to get people of all ages to try the sport, it’s perfect for people who have never played before or who have not played in some time.  Most Rock 'n Rallies are conducted in late spring in conjunction with National USA Tennis Month (May).  Contact your local Community Tennis Association leaders to obtain specific local schedules.

USA School Tennis is a program in which Physical Education teachers attend a 4-6 hour inservice training to learn how to teach a tennis unit in their P.E. classes emphasizing the games apporach. USA School Tennis features a high participation and high success rate for the students.

USA Tennis 1-2-3 is a low-cost, introductory instructional program for all ages.  It is designed to teach basic skills quickly to new players in a group environment.  The program is patterned after the nationally successful Play Tennis America program and typically includes six sessions of basic instruction.  Players may choose to take a follow-up series of six sessions of supervised play.

USA Team Tennis (Youth) offers boy and girls ages 6 to 18 the opportunity to play on teams in scheduled matches that emphasize fun, fitness and friends.  The program  matches players of similar age and ability using the Junior National Tennis Rating Program (JNTRP).  Teams play in one of three divisions (Red, White, or Blue – depending on the age and skill level of the players) and compete against other local teams in their division.

USA Tennis NJTL (National Junior Tennis League) is a network of community-driven organizations dedicated to introducing as many youngsters as possible to the lifetime sport of tennis.  It also provides them with a safe haven, adult role models, and opportunities to develop positive social and leadership skills and to enhance their academic discipline.

USA Tennis (College) offers tennis on college campuses for students across the country.  USA Team Tennis on College Campuses serves two core audiences: those learning tennis through USA Tennis 1-2-3 and those playing USA Team Tennis.  These prospective players could be from any of the following groups: sororities, fraternities, residence halls, academic programs, general population of students, faculty, or staff.  Winning USA Team Tennis teams are eligible for national playoffs each spring.

USA Team Tennis (Adults) offers the opportunity to play organized matches in a non-competitive atmosphere.  The emphasis is on fun, fitness and the social benefits of tennis.  As players in USA Team Tennis develop their skills, they may continue in the program with the same group of players, or move on to more competitive play in USA League Tennis presented by Lincoln.

Scholastic Teams offer organized match play and the opportunity for young players to gain competitive experiences on school teams at the middle school, high school, and college levels.  In the off-season, school team members may continue to participate in the more advanced levels of USA Team Tennis.  Many competitive junior players obtain scholarships to college through tennis.  Significant scholarship funds for women's tennis programs go unused annually because there are more scholarships available than there are applicants seeking them.

USA League Tennis presented by Lincoln offers men and women age 19 and older competitive team match play in the world’s largest recreational tennis league.  Participants play on all-men, all-women or mixed doubles teams.  To ensure that opponents are evenly matched, players compete only against others in the same National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) category.  USA League Tennis features local, state, and sectional championships, and culminates in a national championship for every NTRP level of play.

USA Tournament Tennis offers competitive match play at local, sectional, regional and national tournaments for all ages and for all skill levels.