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JNTRP Age Range
2.5-5.0 13 to 18


The Blue Division of USA Team Tennis is similar to the White Division except for the target ages and the JNTRP skill levels involved.  In the Blue Division, players are between 13 and 18 years old and their JNTRP skill levels range between 1.0 and 5.0.  Again the emphasis is on teamwork and fun.  Each team should be made up of both boys and girls grouped according to their JNTRP skill level and age.  It is also recommended that the Blue Division be divided into two levels of play: the Stars and Stripes.  The Stars level would be made up of players at a JNTRP skill level of 3.0 or below, while players at a JNTRP skill level of 3.5 and above would make up the Stripes level.

Since the Blue Division encompasses all JNTRP skill levels, a combination of formats found in both the Red Division and the White Division is recommended.  The 3.0 JNTRP and below level might use several types of skill competitions found in the Red Division, while the 3.5 JNTRP and above level might use the team format found in the White Division.  Local program leaders are encouraged to develop a format suited to the community's needs.