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JNTRP Age Range
1.0-2.5 6 to 12


In this division of USA Team Tennis, the objectives are to have kids participate in tennis as a team sport, have fun with friends, learn basic skills, and play games.  Teams should be made up of both boys and girls from the appropriate JNTRP skill level and age group.  During weekly practices, coaches work with teams to help players develop basic skills to prepare for match play.

The Ralleyball Format is recommended for team match play in the Red Division.  Teams may consist of groups of players from a single or several schools or be graduates of USA Tennis 1-2-3.  Teams compete and earn points in weekly match play.


The ideal number of players on a team for the Ralleyball Format is six.  Larger teams are not recommended since players would not have the opportunity to play very often.

If a league is organized through invitations from schools, players from the same school are placed on the same team and they represent their respective schools.

All players are divided into groups by skill level and age to compete within the division.

Competition may be among teams from the same or different schools.


All matches are doubles.  Two players from each team take the court and stand on the service line, baseline, or three quarter court, depending on the age groups.  Opposing players line up in the doubles alley on their respective sides of the net.

A facility staff member, or volunteer,  assists players with match play by tossing the ball underhand to the team that won the spin to start the rally.  The first player hits the ball over the net to begin the rally.

One point scored for each good ball played.  The match is best of 3 sets, where each set is timed for ten minutes.

All points are tallied during the set.  All set points and bonus points from the skill activity contest are totaled to determine the winner.

Tie scores are broken by a two set to one lead or a one-rally tie braker

Team standings may be kept and awards given to teams with the most match wins.

A complete Format Procedure Manual is available through the SCTA.  You can contact us at (803) 772-2484, or (800) 644-7282