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The USTA/South Carolina COLLEGE COMMITTEE is working on 2 major objectives:

(1)To develop the COLLEGE PORTION of the USTA/South Carolina WEBSITE, ( so that the website will become a source of help to YOU, as well as to prospective college tennis players. (Click on COLLEGE in the menu to get to the "COLLEGE" section of the website.) Please CHECK to make sure that the information about YOU & YOUR TENNIS TEAM is correct.

PLEASE HELP us help you by notifying USTA/South Carolina Webmaster Nick Lawrence ( if you have anything you'd like for us to include in the College portion of the USTA/South Carolina website, or if you see any information that needs to be corrected. The USTA/South Carolina website is currently averaging about 250,000 hits PER MONTH (and growing), so this a great place for you to let high school students know about openings that you might have on your team, scholarships that become available, or any other items of interest to either prospective students, parents, coaches, pros... anything related to COLLEGE TENNIS. Perhaps your team just won a big tournament -- you might want to send in such info, and include any relevant photographs. The College portion of the USTA/South Carolina website hopefully will become a great recruiting aid to collegiate coaches, as well as a place for prospective players, parents, high school coaches, pros, and others to find useful, interesting, and entertaining information about all aspects of college tennis.

(2) The second major focus of the USTA/South Carolina College Committee is to promote TEAM TENNIS on all of our state's college and university campuses. If someone hasn't already visited your campus, either a staff member or a volunteer from the USTA/South Carolina will be visiting your college or university soon to promote TEAM TENNIS. Please help by promoting this concept. We all know that there are many, many college students who are good tennis players, but for various reasons are not playing on the varsity tennis team. TEAM TENNIS provides a great oppportunity for these students to play on a tennis team, but not at the level of competition that a varsity program requires. TEAM TENNIS can be organized through the college intramural program. However, it's so simple to organize a team that anyone can do it. It just takes a minimum of 4 players -- any combination of males/females and any level of ability or age. Any format can be used for teams to compete against each other. The USTA hosts an annual NATIONAL TEAM TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIP, and the USTA/South Carolina and the Southern Section both plan to begin hosting state and regional championships in the near future. (The USTA is offering $$$$$ to encourage TEAM TENNIS on college campuses in the U.S. USTA/South Carolina staff member Cassie Herritage can explain the details on how to get this MONEY!) If you'd like more information on TEAM TENNIS, please contact Cassie at the USTA/South Carolina office: phone 1-800-644-7282, or e-mail

If you have questions about any of the above, or if you have suggestions as to how the USTA/South Carolina College Committee can help you, please contact Cassie at the USTA/South Carolina office, or me. I teach all over the state, and therefore I'm difficult to reach by phone, but you can e-mail me (Jenny Johnson) at:

THANK YOU in advance for your help. We hope that we can help you in the difficult task you have of recruiting, organizing, and maintaining a strong tennis program in your college or university.