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More tennis history made at Woodland High near St. George

October 21, 2015 10:28 AM

Congratulations to the Woodland High School girls tennis team and the St. George tennis community! Six years ago, Mrs. Barbara Jones took over the tennis center in St. George. She, many volunteers and coaches began to build a solid foundation for tennis in the area. Now the area is enjoying the results of all that hard work!

Earlier this year, Tyree Miller from the Woodland High boys team won the region in boys tennis. Tyree also has had success with USTA Junior Team Tennis in St. George. This fall, the Woodland High girls team has advanced to the playoffs for the first time! The entire team has worked hard to help Woodland achieve school history, especially student-athletes Courtney Simmons, Maia Wilson, Blair Floyd, Makayla Cobbs and Kimani Green. Many of the girls also enjoy USTA Junior Team Tennis. The success of tennis at Woodland High is truly a testament to a community working together to promote tennis for all kids.

Thank you to all of the coaches at the school and at the center, including Gladys Summers, Laren Clark, Antwayne Commodore, James Martin and Mrs. Barbara Jones.

Good luck to the Woodland High girls team in the playoffs!

The Woodland High girls team, from left to right, standing: Kimani Green, La Tira James, Makayla Cobbs, Charlene Simpson, Jamie Simmons, Blair Floyd, Jordan Spears, Stephanie Walters, Kiana Richardson; first row: Courtney Simmons and Maia Wilson. Not pictured: Sydney Brondsema. (Submitted photo)