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More Than Just a Game -
Enrich the lives of your students through tennis. Tennis is the ideal sport to help achieve the health and wellness goals of schools. The USTA is the ideal partner to help you bring it to your students.

Every day the USTA and its partners help kids learn not just a sport, but self-confidence, sportsmanship, and the habits of an active, healthy lifestyle. We are committed to making sure that all kids have an opportunity to play and learn from this lifetime sport.

What the USTA offers to help grow tennis through the schools:

  • Training - (Free school teacher in-services, organized play training, Recreational Coach Workshops)
  • Curriculum - (Described in detail below)
  • Equipment Assistance - (new equipment is age appropriate and easy to use, discount programs available)
  • Staff Support - (technical expertise for program start-up and play formats, recommendations for converting play areas for tennis)

Physical Education Curriculum
The Physical Educators Guide for Teaching Tennis in Schools provides complete instructional materials for implementing a NASPE-aligned program that improves fitness and teaches tennis fundamentals. Written in conjunction with renowned author and educator, Dr. Robert Pangrazi and a faculty of Physical Education Specialists, beginners progress through a series of basic skills and learn to play tennis through fun, action-packed lessons. This versatile curriculum can be taught in any school, requires no tennis courts, and adapts to small or large groups.

After School Tennis Organizers
Information and the resources that are available through the USTA on how to organize school tennis programs available here. The After School Tennis Organizer Kit is a great way to get started.

QuickStart Tennis Format
The QuickStart Tennis format makes managing and engaging groups of children easier. It is an exciting new play format for learning tennis, designed to bring kids into the game by utilizing specialized equipment, shorter court dimensions and modified scoring, all tailored to age and size. The QuickStart Tennis format is also simple to integrate into existing lesson and play programs. Kids gain greater confidence and build better playing skills and their success keeps them playing.

USTA Jr. Team Tennis
Team tennis is about turning an individual sport into a team sport. Because it’s a team sport, kids learn so much more than tennis. All the recognized benefits of team sports – team building, sportsmanship, and confidence building – are an important part of team tennis. So while they’re learning, they’re also having a great time with their friends. Which means they’ll keep coming back to help to grow participation at your school. USTA Jr. Team Tennis that gives your school the chance to advance to the only youth tennis league national championship. The USTA also provides stipends, administrative and marketing materials, and software to help your team get off to the right start.

High School No-Cut Programs
No-cut coaches play a critical role in tennis by allowing young players the opportunity to experience this lifetime sport as a member of a team. A no-cut policy sends the message that developing kids of all levels is important to the school. This, in turn, opens opportunities for assistance from parents and from the community that can help your school achieve its health and wellness goals. The USTA celebrates the special commitment coaches and schools make to keep all interested players on their teams through numerous incentives.

Teacher Trainings and Coaches Workshops
The USTA offers specialized trainings for teachers, parents, volunteers, and after school program providers interested in offering tennis programs. No courts are required and previous tennis experience is not necessary. Best of all, these workshops are available at no cost to your school. Through training and technical support, the USTA is committed to helping schools develop quality tennis programs to address the health and wellness needs of students..

Equipment & Funding
The USTA offers more than just programs. We offer resources to help you bring tennis to your school, to help your students reach their fitness goals and to help you build a stronger school community through tennis. The USTA and its section network provide over $6 million in financial and material grants every year to help grow the game. Contact Michelle Campanella, Manager of Junior Programs, at for assistance in obtaining tennis equipment for school programs (ex. racquets, portable nets, and easy-to-rally tennis balls), teacher friendly lesson plans, teacher training, and after school program grants.

Teacher In-Service Workshops
These workshops complement a teacher’s large group management skills and demonstrate how to quickly transform a school gym or playground into a dynamic tennis-playing environment and allow students to experience instant success in a fun and safe manner.

For more information about Tennis in Schools please contact Michelle Campanella, Manager of Junior Programs, at