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2015 Junior Tournament Updates

A new points table will be implemented January 1, 2015 for all future play. The changes are with the Level 2s and Level 5s. Click for the Southern points per round table.

Level 2 events will return to a three-day event, with doubles starting Friday evening. All main draw matches will be two out of three regular sets. Back draw: tiebreak for the third, and back draw will continue through Monday.

We will adopt the National Bonus point table for Southern play starting January 1, 2015. Click for the National bonus point table.

Southern will initiate a new 11 & Under Green ball division for Level 3’s, January 1, 2015.

  • January 1 to September 1 is a “grace period” where players have the opportunity to play green ball or yellow to try to reach a 12 & Under standing of 300.  
  • After September 1, all 11 & under players will be required to play green ball to reach the benchmark of 300 .
  • Once a player reaches the 300, they are out of the green ball play. (They will still be eligible for their state’s 12 and Under green ball events if they do not feel comfortable with the yellow ball.)
  • The point table being used for 11 & Under points is a bit different (fewer points) to be posted soon.  
  • One player from the top 20 of the 10s will be included in the draw of eight.

Doubles points will increase from 15% to 25% starting January 1, 2015.

A Southern Closed 10s Central event will be added to the Southern Closed 10s East and Southern Closed 10s West. The Southern Closed 10s Central will take place in Nashville and include the states of Alabama, Kentucky and Tennessee.

The Southern points awarded for ITF Level 4 & 5 events will increase to Level 2.

National changes

The draw sizes for the National Clay Courts and Hard Courts will return to 192 for singles and 96 for doubles. A Direct Acceptance List (DAL) will be posted May 1st. The DAL will include the top 16 on the National standings list for both 16 & 18’s, as well as up to 16 players who have high ATP, WTA, or ITF rankings. More details will be posted on the website soon.