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USTA South Carolina Current Standings are now available. This standings list was calculated using the Points Per Round ranking system. (A player will appear on this list once he/she has accumulated a minimum of 10 points).

Following is additional IMPORTANT information:
  • These standings include all tournaments that were published in the 12 months prior to date of publish. They will be updated at least on the (business day closest to the) 15th and 30th of each month. Some times of year, they are updated more frequently. Each tournaments points are calculated based on their level. A complete explanation of tournament levels can be found on If there are a particular tournament’s results that are not included in the standings, please contact the tournament director.
  • Standings are based on a players BEST 6 tournament results -Best 6 Singles and Best 6 Doubles Events. They may not be the same six tournaments.
  • NEW FOR 2012: The percentage of Doubles points that are included in the ranking has increased from 15% to 25% for the SC State Standings. This is retroactive & will include increased doubles points for events in 2011 on the new 2012 ranking lists.
  • Bonus points are calculated based on the current standings list from the last day of the previous month. (For example, May 15th and May 30th Current Standings Lists both include bonus points for wins over players with a standing of #1-#50. The bonus points for January standings lists were calculated based on the standing of the opponent from the December 15th Current Standings list.)
  • 2011 Tournament Results can no longer be corrected. For 2012 tournaments, score and other match result corrections should be made through the Tournament Director. If you cannot get the tournament director to respond in a reasonable amount of time, you may contact Jessica Amick ( CORRECTIONS TO 2012 TOURNAMENTS SHOULD BE REPORTED AND CORRECTED WITHIN THIRTY (30) DAYS AFTER THE COMPLETION OF THE MATCH.
  • Players that "age up" will no longer be listed on the Standings List. However, if the 2011 ranking requirements were met before he/she aged up, the player will still be ranked at the end of the ranking year (1/1/12-12/31/12).
  • Play in age divisions above a players current age is included in that players current standing. If a player decides to play up in a tournament, those results will appear in ALL age divisions in which that player is eligible to play. These results will NOT BE INCLUDED IN YEAR END FINAL RANKINGS. Points will filter down in doubles, as well as, singles events for 2012.
For more information regarding Points Per Round and Junior Current Standings and Rankings, please refer to the USTA South Carolina website at in the Juniors section under Regulations.

If, after reviewing the information online, you have additional questions or need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact Jessica Amick, USTA SC Junior Competition Coordinator, at  If you email question(s) regarding current standings or rankings, please include the player’s name, age division and USTA #. If your question references or concerns a tournament, please also include the tournament name, player’s event and tournament ID #.