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NEW USTA South Carolina Junior Ranking System

The USTA South Carolina has adopted the Points Per Round (PPR) ranking system similar to the system adopted by the USTA as of 2004. The Star System will no longer be used to determine standings/rankings. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU BECOME FAMILIAR WITH THE SOUTH CAROLINA REQUIREMENTS FOR STANDINGS, RANKINGS AND ENDORSEMENT UNDER THIS NEW SYSTEM.

Scottie Rabb; Robb Thompson; or any other member of the Junior Competition Council.

Following are some general Q&A on the new ranking program for the USTA South Carolina:

1. How will standings/rankings be determined?

  • A player must accrue 10 points in an age division in order to be included in the USTA/SC standings. A player’s best six tournaments will be considered.
  • A player’s final ranking will be based on his/her best six tournaments. A player must have earned a minimum of 50 points in the age division to earn a final ranking.

2. Are bonus points counted?

  • Bonus points are attached to the tournament in which they are earned. To be in included, the tournament must be among the player’s best six.

3. Will byes qualify as wins in tournaments?

  • No.

4. How will withdrawals, defaults or walkovers by an opponent affect the points that I earn in a tournament?

  • The player advancing will earn the points for that round, but no bonus points.

5. How many wins does a player need in order to be included in the standings or rankings?

  • The determining factor is the number of points earned not the number of wins.

6. Will match play between South Carolina players in tournaments outside the state count towards USTA South Carolina standings/rankings?

  • No

7. Can a player be ranked in more than one age division?

  • Yes, as long as he/she has earned the required number of points in each division.

8. Are tournaments weighted?

  • The point levels per round are the “weighting” of a tournament. See the charts included.

9. From what date will points be counted to begin the new system?

  • The new ranking system will begin to be published to the web by April 1, 2004. The first points per round standings list that will be published will include all tournaments from May 31, 2003 through the date of the 1st publish.

Primary Goals of The USTA South Carolina PPR Ranking Program

  • Does not count losses
  • Encourages play
  • Is easy to understand
  • Will promote play at the State and Local levels

Bonus Points Explanation

  • Win Over Top 10 = 50 Bonus Points
  • Win Over Top 11-20 = 25 Bonus Points
  • Win Over Top 21-50 = 10 Bonus Points