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Minimum Play Requirements for Junior Ranking


10’s Singles: A player must play in ONE State Closed tourna   ment and TWO other sanctioned tournaments in South Carolina. Any player in the 10’s who also wishes to obtain a state ranking in the 12’s, must meet all requirements for a 12’s  ranking.

10’s Doubles: A player must play in ONE State Closed tournament and ONE other sanctioned tournament in South Carolina  with the same partner.
10’s Please Note: Any player in the 10’s who also wishes to obtain a state ranking in the 1
2’s (singles or doubles) must meet all the requirements for a 12’s ranking.

12’s through 18’s Singles: To quality for a singles ranking in an  age group, a junior must acquire a minimum of six (6) tourna  ment points as follows:
 a) A minimum of TWO (2) points from tournaments with a TWO (2) point value.
 b) The final FOUR (4) points can be obtained by playing any combination of 2.0 point, 1.5 point or 1.0 point tournaments.

12’s through 18’s Doubles: To qualify for a ranking, a team must  accumulate FOUR (4) points. Two (2) of the points must be   from a two (2) point tournament.

PLEASE NOTE: It is the player’s responsibility to check the Internet periodically to ensure that his/her player record is correct, and if an error is found, to notify the SCTA office. Tentative rankings will be posted on the Internet in late December. The SCTA will not notify players of their rankings. The boys’ or girls’ rankers will address any ranking questions.


Tournament Classification and Ranking Guidelines

1) Weighting of Tournaments
 2.0 points–State Closed Hardcourt Championship, State Closed Clay Court Championship, Palmetto Championship, State Closed Doubles.
 1.5 points–Topspin Annual Jr. Classic, Lexington; Dunes Hadwin-White Jr. Open, Myrtle Beach; Pepsi Jr. Open, Florence; 13th Annual Clinton YMCA Jr. Classic, Clinton; Kiawah Island Jr. Clay Ct. Chps; Wildewood Jr. Trmt., Columbia; Carolina Radiology Jr. Cup, Myrtle Beach.
 1.0 points–All other state tournaments, including Challenger Circuit tournaments.
It is the intent that a player must accumulate 6.0 tournament points to be eligible to receive a ranking. All players must play at least one out-of-area tournament (See Area Map on page 17 of the yearbook). The Southern 12’s Closed Tournament held in Columbia cannot be counted toward South Carolina ranking requirements.

2) When two or more players’ overall record are considered equal, match results in the State Closed Tournaments will carry more weight for ranking purposes.

3) Rankings will be based on win-loss records in sanctioned South Carolina tournaments. Also, head to head matches against South Carolina players in out-of-state tournaments will be used for South Carolina ranking. Players are responsible for reporting all out-of-state results against SC opponents to the SCTA office.

4) Head-to-head matches between two players in the same age group but playing in an older age division will NOT count for ranking purposes in the lower age divisions. Match results will be considered as ranking data only for the division in which they are played.

5) Practice matches, high school matches, prior year records or ranking, or personal knowledge of the ability of a player shall NOT be used for ranking consideration.


Ranking Eligibility Requirements

In order to be considered for a South Carolina ranking, a player must be a legal resident of SC and compete in the required number of tournaments. If residency is in question, final decision will be made by the Management Committee. Requests for rulings on residency should be made in writing to the SCTA office.) Players may not apply for a new USTA card at a State Closed Tournament.

NOTE:The intent of the above paragraph is that no one should be allowed to participate in Closed Tournaments or be ranked in two or more states or sections during any single ranking year.
PENALTY: Any player who claims to meet these requirements under false pretenses shall not be ranked in the state of South Carolina for a period of three years from the date of discovery; further, that player will not be allowed to enter a State Closed tournament in South Carolina for the same period.


Ranking Criteria

Ranking criteria are listed below in the order of their importance. Very careful consideration will be given when deciding on the ranking positions of two or three players who are evenly matched.
1) DIRECT WINS- results of head-to-head matches.
2) GOOD WIN-LOSS RECORD- Who a player wins or loses against is more important than how far the player gets in a tournament.  A “good win” is a win over an opponent who is tentatively ranked well above the player’s tentative ranking. Conversely, a “bad loss” is a loss to an opponent who is ranked well below the player’s tentative  ranking. The rule of thumb is that a player will be ranked somewhere between his “good win - bad loss”.
3) EXPOSURE & LENGTH OF SEASON RECORD- Exposure is measured by the number of good quality opponents that a player plays, rather than solely by the number of tournaments played. If there are two players with similar records the player with the longer record and  more  exposure will be ranked higher.
4) LATE SEASON TOURNAMENT RECORDS- Late season records will be given more weight than early season tournaments if all other considerations are equal. If direct wins are even between two players, the wins later in the ranking season will be more important. Failure to enter late season tournaments after earning a good early season record may be considered detrimental to a ranking.


For More Information Contact:

Girls - Margaret Lee

Boys - Lisa Hutto