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The Icy Hot Southern Junior Cup is the top team event in the Southern section. All nine states
in the section compete in the tournament, which is held in September in Chattanooga,

Three boys and three girls are selected to play based on the following selection criteria: Southern
standing, sportsmanship violation points, national standings, UTR, ITF results and head to head.

The 2019 Icy Hot Southern Junior Cup 12s will be held September 6-8. The 14s-18s will compete
September 12-14.




"Led by coaches Carlos Lozano & Charly Rasheed, the 2018 14s-18s Junior Cup Team did
what no other Southern state has done in the history of Southern Junior Cup: They beat out

We celebrate their grit, determination and teamwork on this victory and also want to
congratulate them on their hard work on the court but most importantly how amazing
they represented South Carolina."

--Ernie James, President of USTA South Carolina 

Shout out to the six 12U South Carolinians competed at the Icy Hot Southern Junior Cup,
September 7-9 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Check out a recap here.