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_uacct = "UA-4338464-2"; urchinTracker(); The Challenger Circuit is a series of sanctioned tournaments that count toward a regular state ranking. The goal of this program is to provide a bridge between the entry level junior tennis players and top state-ranked junior players. The purpose of the Challenger Circuit is to provide opportunities for beginning junior players to gain tournament experience against equal level competition. This program is intended to act as a feeder system into regular USTA South Carolina junior tournaments.

To be eligible for challenger tournaments, the rules and guidelines are as follows:

  1. The player must be a USTA member.
  2. Players with a SC current standing OR a 2005 final ranking in the top 20 of any age division are not challenger eligible.
  3. If a player is NOT in the top 20 of any divisions standing or ranking list, they may choose to play up if they age up this calendar year.

Please Note: Challenger tournaments do NOT count towards USTA Southern ranking requirements.

Any questions regarding the Challenger Circuit can be directed to Scottie Rabb , Competition Coordinator, at 800-644-7282, or to the members of the Challenger Circuit Committee.