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Level One Tournaments
The level one tournament is the state qualifier for the Southern Closed Tournaments. This tournament is intended for top level players who feel that they have a chance to compete on a regional and national level.
1/13/2018 Southern Winter Level 1 Championship BG18 700003318 Hilton Head Island
4/27/2018 USTA Southern L1A Champtionships BG 12 and 14 700003718 Hilton Head Island
1/14/2017 Southern Winter Level 1 Championship 700009017 Hilton Head Island
4/22/2017 Southern Spring National LV3 700001717 Hilton Head Island
4/28/2017 USTA Southern Level 1A Championships BG 12 & 14 (Nat. L4) 700009117 Hilton Head Island
5/26/2017 Chick-fil-A Palmetto Championships - STA L3  700033417 Belton
6/9/2017 Southern Boy's & Girl's 10 Closed - EAST  704102517 Cayce


Level Two Tournaments
These tournaments feature medium-high level competition and usually have fairly large draws. Many of them are designated as "closed" meaning only South Carolina residents can participate. Many of the level II tournaments are also state championships, giving players a chance to compete for the title of best in state on a particular surface. These tournaments are generally intended for players with at least a little tournament experience, and may not be suitable for players with limited playing ability.

1/20/2018 USTA National Level 3 Tournament - Smith Stearns Jr. Championship 700002018 Hilton Head Island
1/26/2018 SC Junior State Open Championships at LTP  700066218 Mount Pleasant
2/16/2018 Family Circle Junior Tennis Championship 704140618 Daniel Island
2/16/2018 Family Circle Junior Tennis Championship - DOUBLES 700022318 Daniel Island
3/9/2018 Rockbridge Doubles 700129818 Columbia
3/9/2018 Rockbridge Singles 704131218 Columbia
3/17/2018 LifeWater Thornblade Junior Tennis Classic 700050918 Greer
4/21/2018 Southern Spring National L3 (South Carolina L2) 700003218 Hilton Head Island


SC Junior State Open Championships at LTP presented by SC Exteriors (STA L4)

700058217 Mount Pleasant 
2/17/2017 Dunlop Junior Tennis Championship (STA L3) 704140617 Daniel Island
2/17/2017 Dunlop Junior Tennis Championships Doubles (STA L3)  700018217 Daniel Island
3/10/2017 Rockbridge Southern Level 3 (STA L3) 704131217 Lexington
3/10/2017 Rockbridge Southern Level 3 - (STA L3) - SC L 2 DOUBLES 700129817 Lexington
3/17/2017 LifeWater Thornblade Junior Tennis Classic (STA L3) 700050917 Greer
5/12/2017 SC Junior State Open Championships at Rock Hill (STA L4) 700110217 Rock Hill 
6/23/2017 SC Closed Junior Hardcourt State Championship (STA L4) 700022217 Cayce
7/14/2017 SC JTT Championships Advanced 700105617 Florence
7/22/2017 SC Closed Junior Clay Court State Championship (STA L4) 700017917 Greenville
8/11/2017 Peanut Patch Junior Open (Formerly Pepsi Junior Open) (STA L3) 700021517 Florence 
8/11/2017 Peanut Patch Junior Open (Formerly Pepsi Junior Open (STA L 3) - SC L 2 DOUBLES 700021617 Florence
9/15/2017 SC Junior State Open Championships at the Citadel - (STA L4) 704116117 Charleston
10/13/2017 K-Swiss Kiawah Island Junior Championship (STA L3) 704137917 Kiawah Island
10/13/2017 K-Swiss Kiawah Island Junior Championship DOUBLES (STA L3) 700138017 Kiawah Island
11/10/2017 Charleston Junior Championships at The Citadel (STA L3)


11/10/2017 Charleston Junior Championships at The Citadel DOUBLES (STA L3) 700134717 Charleston
11/17/2017 Van der Meer Southern Junior Championships (STA L4) 700009217 Hilton Head Island


Level Three Tournaments
These are the lowest level tournaments with open draws. This means that anyone who signs up is in, unless there is a cap on the total number of players. These tournaments are usually relatively small, less than 100 players, and are a great chance to step into open competition tournaments. If you're an experienced player, but have limited tournament experience, these tournaments are a good choice.

1/19/2018 St. Andrew's Point Quest Junior 700021218 Charleston
2/2/2018 Holly Tree Jr. Open 704113918 Simpsonville
2/16/2018 Bruce's Yam Slam Junior Open 700021718 Florence
2/23/2018 Sportsclub Junior Championship 700015818 Greenville
2/23/2018 RKO-Total Graphics Junior Winter Championship 700017018 Charleston
3/2/2018 Lexington County Junior Open 700048418 Lexington
3/16/2018 Hightower Financial Junior Classic at Stables Park 700038918 Pawleys Island
3/23/2018 Tracy's Logging Championships - Camden 700028018 Camden
3/24/2018 Sparks Toyota Junior Classic 700019918 Myrtle Beach
4/13/2018 First Annual Brad Bleeds Blue Junior Championships at the Country Club of Spartanburg 700024818 Spartanburg
4/13/2018 Randall Heffron Memorial 700039818 Mount Pleasant
4/20/2018 The Camden "Classically Carolina" Junior Championships - Presented by City of Camden 700028118 Camden
4/20/2018 Brookstone McDonalds Junior Championships 704108818 Anderson
1/20/2017 St. Andrew's Point Quest Junior  700040317 Charleston
2/3/2017 Holly Tree Jr. Open 704113917 Simpsonville
2/4/2017 Lowcountry Advanced Junior Team Challenger (14U and 18U)

7041319356 – 18U

7041319357 – 14U

Isle of Palms
2/11/2017 Grand Strand Advanced Invitational Team Tournament 7041319330 Pawleys Island
2/17/2017 Bruce's Yam Slam Junior Open 700021717 Florence 
2/24/2017 RKO-Total Graphics Junior Winter Championship 700048517 Charleston
2/24/2017 Sportsclub Junior Championships 700003117 Greenville
3/3/2017 Lexington County Junior Open 700048417 Lexington
3/17/2017 Hightower Financial Partners Junior Classic at Stables Park 700038917 Pawleys Island
3/31/2017 Dunes Sparks Toyota Junior Open 700041517 Myrtle Beach
3/31/2017 Brookstone McDONALD's Junior Championships 704108817 Anderson
4/7/2017 Randall Heffron Memorial 700039817 Mount Pleasant
4/21/2017 Classically Carolina Junior Championship 700049817 Camden
4/23/2017 Brookstone KEITH STREET ORTHODONTICS Doubles and Mixed Championships!- SC L3             700130517 Anderson
4/28/2017 11th Annual Rudy Vargas Junior Championships at Spartanburg Athletic Club 704125117 Spartanburg
5/5/2017 Iris Junior Championships 700047617 Sumter
5/5/2017 Greenville County Junior Championships 700033917 Taylors
5/19/2017 St. Andrew's Pre-Qualifying Warmup 700044117 Charleston
6/9/2017 Wexford/Long Cove Open 700024917 Hilton Head Island
6/9/2017 Riverside Junior Clay Court Classic 704104517 Greer
6/16/2017 Festival of Flowers 704113117 Greenwood

The Playmakers Tennis Academy Junior Open 

700023317 Myrtle Beach
7/7/2017 6th Annual SAC Junior Summer Blast 704125317 Spartanburg
7/7/2017 City of Charleston Junior Hardcourt Championships 700028517 Charleston
7/14/2017 SC JTT Championships Intermediate 700056617 Florence
7/28/2017 The Club at Rawls Creek Junior Championships 700034517 Columbia
8/4/2017 Cardinal Racquet Club Summer Junior Open 704100317 Anderson
8/18/2017 Rockbridge Juinor Tennis Classic 704126117 Columbia
8/25/2017 Kiawah Island Summer Junior Championship 700053817 Kiawah Island
9/22/2017 Kroc Center Junior Open  700049017 Greenville
9/23/2017 Low Country National          700007217 Bluffton
9/29/2017 Brookstone Babolat Junior Championships 704109917 Anderson
10/6/2017 Cassidy Allstate Junior Doubles Open 700050317 Camden
10/6/2017 Thornblade Junior Fall Tennis Classic  700051417 Greer
10/20/2017 Wilton McKinney Fall Jr Classic 704138318 Greenville
10/27/2017 Wildewood Junior Tournament  700043017 Columbia
11/3/2017 Mount Pleasant Junior Tennis Classic  700039717 Mount Pleasant 
11/24/2017 Charleston Thanksgiving Jr Classic 700045917 Charleston
12/1/2017 VDM Academy Junior Classic 704129117 Hilton Head Island
12/1/2017 City of Myrtle Beach Fall Junior Open 700047317 Myrtle Beach
12/8/2017 RKO/Total Graphics Junior Holiday Championships 704128617 Charleston

Level Four Tournaments
The Challenger circuit is a series of sanctioned tournaments that count toward a regular state ranking and its purpose is to provide opportunities for beginning junior players to gain tournament experience against equal level competition. This program intends to act as a feeder system into regular USTA South Carolina Junior Tournaments by allowing players to participate in both singles and doubles events with a minimum of three matches played per player. Beginning in 2011, SC Level 4 tournaments will count for Southern Level 5 points.  Players that are ranked in the top 10 of the most recent USTA SC Standings in the 12-18s age group are REQUIRED to play up an age division.  Any player not in the top 10 may choose to play up at their own discretion.

1/9/2018 Cardinal Racquet Club Junior Winter Tennis Challenger 704122018 Anderson
2/9/2018 Wildewood Junior Challenger 700016718 Columbia
3/2/2018 MPRD Junior 700020618 Mount Pleasant
3/2/2018 GCPRT  700038218 Taylors
3/23/2018 Lowcountry Junior 700024718 Charleston
4/6/2018 Bojangles Spring at MBTC 700029718 Myrtle Beach
4/6/2018 TLC Spring Junior 700035318 Bluffton
4/20/18 St. Andrew's Spring Junior 700044018 Charleston
2/10/2017 Wildewood Junior Challenger  700034917 Columbia
2/10/2017 Cardinal Racquet Club Winter Tennis Challneger 704122017 Anderson
3/3/2017 Mount Pleasant Junior Challenger  700039017 Mount Pleasant 
3/3/2017 Rising Stars of GCPRT 700038217 Taylors
3/3/2017 The City of Myrtle Beach Junior Challenger  700045617 Myrtle Beach 
3/17/2017 autoPROS Junior Challenger at Cobblestone Park 700104917 Blythewood
3/24/2017 Lowcountry Challenger  700028417 Charleston
3/24/2017 Tracy's Logging Championships 700049117 Camden
3/31/2017 Woodside Plantation Challenger 700083517 Aiken
4/7/2017 TLC Spring Junior Challenger  700035317 Bluffton
4/21/2017 St. Andrew's Spring Junior Challenger  700044017 Charleston
4/28/2017 Windermere Junior Challenger - SC L4 700139417 Blythewood
4/29/2017 Subway Junior Challenger at CCSC 700041617 Florence
5/5/2017 Snee Farm Junior Challenger 700045817 Mount Pleasant
5/19/2017 Topspin Spring Junior Challenger- SC L4 700063317 Lexington
6/9/2017 The Reserve Club Summer Classic 700047117 Aiken
6/30/2017 Spartan Junior Open 700044717 Spartanburg
7/14/2017 Greenwood Country Club Challenger  704134917 Greenwood
8/4/2017 Lexington County Junior Challenger 704137417 Lexington
8/18/2017 West Ashley Optimist Club Back to School Challenger  700037717


8/25/2017 Cayce Junior Tennis Challenger 700072217 Cayce
9/16/2017 Books on Broad Championships  700049917 Camden
9/29/2017 T.J Spurling Junior Championship 700042117 Florence
10/13/2017 Woodside Halloween Challenger 700083817 Aiken
10/20/2017 Topspin Challenger Circuit Tournament 700048117 Lexington
10/20/2017 Hightower Low Country Classic at Stables Park 700042617 Pawleys Island
11/3/2017 Sumter Junior Challenger  700047717 Sumter
11/3/2017 TLC Fall Junior Championships 700038517 Bluffton
11/17/2017 Holly Tree Junior Challenger   704144117 Simpsonville
12/1/2017 Greenville County Challenger 700034117 Taylors
12/8/2017 USC Upstate Junior Challenger 700044817 Spartanburg


Level Five Tournaments
The Rising Stars events are designed as introductory events to competitive tennis for those players who are new to tennis or are looking to gain experience in a tournament atmosphere. These one-day events are round-robin format with emphasis being placed on fun, match play, and education of parents and players. Eligibility requirements for this circuit include a USTA membership, the player must not have accumulated more than 200 points (12s - 18s) from any state in the current standings of any division, and players should be able to serve and keep score.
1/28/2017 TLC 10 & Under Winter Fest  700035217 Bluffton
2/11/2017 MW Tennis Rising Stars Spring Tournament Series #1 700129217 Daniel Island
3/10/2017 Woodside Plantation Rising Stars - Series #1 - SC L5 700099717 Aiken
3/11/2017 Rising Stars at Lexington County Tennis Complex  704129017 Lexington
3/11/2017 Rising Stars Tournament at Greenwood Country Club  704131117 Greenwood
3/18/2017 Rising Stars in the Spring at CCSC - SC L5 700137017 Florence
3/19/2017 Woodside Plantation Rising Stars Series #2 - SC L5 700115217 Aiken
4/8/2017 Rising Stars at Cayce Tennis & Fitness Center 704122217 Cayce
4/8/2017 Cardinal Racquet Club Junior Rising Star Tournament 700116617 Anderson
4/29/2017 Brookstone Rising Stars presented by McDonald's 704127517 Anderson
4/29/2017 MW Tennis Rising Stars Spring Tournament Series #2 700129317 Daniel Island
5/13/2017 MW Tennis Rising Stars Spring Tournament Series #3 700129417 Daniel Island
6/18/2016 MPRD 10 and Under Tournament 700039317 Mount Pleasant
6/24/2017 Upstate 10U Circuit at Thornblade 700051117 Greer
8/12/2017 Upstate 10U Circuit at Holly Tree 700086117 Simpsonville
9/10/2017 Rising Stars at Lexington County Tennis Complex 704129817 Lexington
9/16/2017 Rising Stars at the Greenville County Recreation Dept.  700034017 Greenville
9/30/2017 Rising Stars Fall Tournament at GCC  700138217 Greenwood
10/7/2017 MW Tennis Rising Stars Jr October Championships     700153917   Daniel Island, SC
10/8/2017 Rising Stars at Cayce Tennis & Fitness Center  700052617 Cayce
10/20/2017 Topspin Challenger Circuit Tournament   700048117 Lexington
10/21/2017 Brookstone Rising Star presented by McDONALD's 704139817 Anderson
11/18/2017 MW Tennis Rising Stars Jr November Championships    700154017 Daniel Island, SC


Level Six Tournaments
Date Name Number City
1/15/2017 Grand Dunes Winter Slam 700131117 Myrtle Beach
1/28/2017 Greenwood Country Club Winter Challenge 700122717 Greenwood
2/4/2017 Camden CC Tennis Association One Day 700012017 Camden
2/11/2017 The City of Myrtle Beach Winter Finale 700123217 Myrtle Beach
2/25/2017 The Dunes Winter Classic 700132617 Myrtle Beach
3/4/2017 Town of Summerville 10U Orange Level 2 700053117 Summerville
4/2/2017 Cayce Orange L2 Youth Progression Tournament 700141917 Cayce
10/28/17 8th Annual Pumpkin Match Tournament  700109617 St. George