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Can my player play in more than one age division in a tournament?
A player cannot play in two different age divisions in the same event category (ie: Singles or Doubles); however, a player can play in different age divisions in singles and doubles (ie: B14 Singles, B16 doubles), if permitted by the Tournament Director.
Is there a penalty for signing up for more than one tournament on the same date?
Players could get suspension points for entering two or more tournaments that occur on the same date. Two suspension points for first offense, five for any other. 
What is the difference in aging up and playing up?  
Aging up is when a player’s date of birth requires them to move to the next age division and is no longer eligible for the younger age division. Playing up is when a player enters an older age division but the player is still eligible to play in the younger division.
When does my player age up?
Players age up during the first day of the month that they turn 11, 13, 15, 17, or 19.
What happens to my players’ points when they age up?
Points from the younger age division are removed from the current standings as their eligibility has expired. It is suggested that 6-8 months before a player ages up that they start to participate in tournaments in the higher age division in order to earn points and become accustomed to the level and style of play in the older age division.
Do byes count as wins in tournaments?
Not until the player wins a subsequent round.
What are Bonus Points and how are they calculated?
Bonus points are awarded when a player records a win against a highly ranked player based on that player’s state standing in the age division in which the match was played at the previous month’s end. Wins over top players are awarded as follows:
Month-End Standing of Player Defeated
Bonus Points
What are the changes to the junior competitive structure in 2021?
Beginning in January 2021, there will be ONE nationwide structure of junior tournaments. Seven (7) levels of tournaments ranging from lowest level of intermediate tournament classified as Level 7 to USTA National Championships classified as Level 1.  There will be ONE national ranking system for the Level 1-7 ranking tournaments.  ONE set of nationwide ranking tables will determine the points earned in all ranking tournaments.  You can find more information through the following link - Junior Competitive Structure Changes 2021.