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2012 Jr. Team Tennis Local Winners

Intermediate and advanced division winners have the opportunity to attend State Championships in Florence, SC at the Florence Tennis Center July 20-22, 2012.  All 8 & Under JTT teams are invited to participate at the State Championships. State winners have the chance to advance all the way to the USTA National Jr. Team Tennis Championships.
Many fall programs are signing up now.  Find a program in your area.
USTA Jr. Team Tennis is a multi-week program of team practice and match play for boys and girls, ages 6 to 18.  Teams are comprised of players of similar age and skill.  They compete against other teams from the same geographic region in one of five league divisions: 8 & under, 10 & under, 12 & under, 14 & under or 18 & under.
CTL Spring Winners
10U Intermediate: Wildewood – Coached by Jim Hinson
Andrei Bolshakov, Blake Johnson Wild, Mark David Wild, Victor Camps, IGNACIO CAMPS,
Katelyn Blanchard, Kashish Nick Advani, Shubhanjali Minhas, Kaleb Phelps, Macy Margaret Lantz,
Maxwell Parris Williams, Giselle Broughton, Caroline Legare Cox, Renee  Jordan 
12U Beginners: Woodlands Hurricanes – Coached by Kevin Lee
William Brantley Cox, Courtney Amber Lee, Wilson Sloan Pope, Danielle Nicole Simpson,
Chyna Sade Thompson
12U Intermediate: Kings Grant – Coached by Lisa Echols
Alex Echols, Robert L Echols, Wesley Harris Jackson, Megan Marie Pleasant, Zachary Prince,
Hayes Pruitt, Elise Sandlin, Chloe Vandenberg
14U Intermediate: Kings Grant – Coached by Lisa Echols
Ben Browning Beasley, Katherine L Cromer, Robert L Echols, Harrison Epstein, Mary Kathryn Gillespie, Caroline Carter LaMotte, Thomas Liebenow, Lilly Wells McKenzie, Merritt Mims, Allie Elizabeth Newman, Katherine Hilburn Payne
Greenville Spring Winners
12 & Under Beginner:  SportsClub - Coached by Christopher Cleveland & captained by Meredith Noon
14 & Under Beginner: Langston Aces - Captained by Lisa Sternberg
12 & Under Intermediate: Thornblade Blazen Blades - Captained by Audrey Chapman
14 & Under Intermediate: Thornblade Serves You Right - Captained by Amy Cupples
12 & Under Advancing Intermediate: SportsClub Smashers -  Coached by Christopher Cleveland & captained by Scott Parsons
14 & Under Advancing Intermediate: Riverside - Coached by Leslie Fite and captained by Loretta Crowley
18 & Under Advancing Intermediate: Aces Wild - Coached by Steven Rodriguez and captained by  Rachel Rodriguez
Greenville JTT’s 8 and Under teams were:
SportsClub - Coached by Christopher Cleveland & captained by Ryan Fisher
Half Mile Lakers - Coached by John Varner & captained by Karen Sharp
LATA Spring Winners
18U Intermediate: Quail Hollow – Coached by Ken Scheller
14U Intermediate: Quail Hollow – Coached by Amy Conwell
10U Intermediate: LCTC – Coached by Jonny Thompson
LATA’s  8 and Under teams were:
LCTC – Coached by Stephen Nuttall
LCTC – Coached by Connie Halstead, Katsy Stewart and Harry Tian
LCTC – Coached by Ann and Craig Moore
LCTC – Coached by April Boone, Joby Williams and John Bass
LCTC – Coached by Carol Caulk
LCTC – Coached by Eric Sanchez
Pee Dee Spring Winners
18 and Under Division: Ebenezer 18’s  – Richard Storr
12 and Under Division: Ebenezer 12’s  – Richard Storr
10 and Under Division: FCC Topspinners – Larry Rizzo
PTI JTT Summer 2012
18U Intermediate - HHBT 18s – Wammock – Coached by Eric Wammock
14U Intermediate - HHBT 14s - Wammock – Coached by Eric Wammock
14U Beginner - Mason Wexford 14s – Coached by Patrick Mason
Summerville JTT Summer 2012
12U Intermediate - Pinewood Court Crushers – Coached by Jun Naval
10U Intermediate  - Pinewood Topspin Stars – Bryant McKee
8U Beginners - Pinewood Super Hitters – Coached by Jun Naval
8U Beginners – Topspin Tigers – Coached by Kevin Beers