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Dr. Eddie Floyd Florence Tennis Center hosts Jr. Team Tennis State Championships

Dr. Eddie Floyd Florence Tennis Center
The 2013 Jr. Team Tennis State Championships are being held at the Dr. Eddie Floyd Florence Tennis Center. The tennis center partners with the Florence Tennis Association (FTA) to host the event. The tennis center opened in July of 2011 and will host this tournament for the second time.
"We have the courts, facilities and space to host league champions from all over South Carolina," stated Ed Sprenger, FTA Vice President and Tournament Chairman. "We love showing people that have never been to Florence what we have to offer and they have been pleasantly surprised every time." 
The tennis center has 24 hard courts and 6 clay courts, not to mention the activity center with outdoor decking and seating on both levels. The activity center also has a lounge, study area, restrooms, locker rooms, pro shop, upstairs kitchen, PA system and sofa area. It also offers free Wi-Fi and high speed internet on site for tournament staff.   
On the back courts a restroom was built for convenient access for both players and spectators. With the surrounding fields and beautiful landscaping, the tennis center is an ideal place to hold this tournament.
"It’s a beautiful place. As soon as you come in, you feel welcome and want to stay," said Rebecca Martell, Junior Recreation and Special Populations Coordinator at USTA South Carolina.
The tennis center and the FTA work together to provide great support for the staff and volunteers of USTA South Carolina during this event. A room is provided for championship headquarters for USTA South Carolina staff to use during the tournament. The FTA also throws a player party on Friday night for players to enjoy with teammates and opponents. 
Florence Tennis Center Sunset
"The FTA really steps up and provides support for USTA South Carolina and the Florence Tennis Center. They also provide us with player perks throughout the tournament," said Michelle Campanella, Manager of Junior Programs at USTA South Carolina.
The tennis center is located on North Cashua Drive, which has easy access to and from I-95. The center is also close to many of Florence’s hotels and restaurants.
The state championships are already special on their own, but being able to enjoy it at the Florence Tennis Center is an added bonus for players, families, staff and volunteers. 
"It is a privilege for the staff of the tennis center and the FTA to serve as hosts for this event," said Sprenger of the JTT Championships.