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St. George Boy's Tennis


In St. George, Jr. Team Tennis means just a little bit more to the boys who started playing only five years ago. St. George Jr. Team Tennis Coordinator Barbara Jones started an after school program where boys from the community fell in love with the sport of tennis. Jones is also the Executive Director for the St. George Youth Sports League, which was formed in 2010.

"Between 3:00 and 6:00 is when most juveniles start getting into trouble. It is important that we have our courts open to provide a safe environment for our kids through out the community," stated Jones.

Allen Shuler started with Jones in 2008, even before they had courts to play on. Jones, Shuler and a handful of others cleaned and made tennis courts outside of their local middle school. Stephon Edwards also started with Jones in her after-school program, which they built into a Jr. Team Tennis league.

"Jr. Team Tennis means I can come out and play with different teams and players and learn and grow from tennis competitions," said Allen Shuler, Jr. Team Tennis and Woodland High School player.

Once the after school program began to grow, Jones went to Woodland High School’s Athletic Director to talk to him about a boys tennis team at the high school level. Even though the Athletic Director had doubts, Jones put everything in order to start a boy’s high school tennis program with eight boys forming the first team, including Shuler and Edwards.  The Woodland High School boy’s tennis team now has 13 players with improvement with every season.

"The best thing about tennis is the good competition that brings the best out in you and teaches you about life," said Edwards. "It’s just a great way to live life, getting to play tennis."

Shuler and Edwards started with Jones and are continuing their love for tennis by playing in Jr. Team Tennis. Not only do the boys play, but they also help volunteer with the St. George Youth Sports League. Their latest volunteer workshop was for at risk children, which was a two-week camp for the kids that provided food, play, and curriculum. For volunteering, Shuler and Edwards received community service hours.

With their love of tennis and their town, the people of St. George continue to demonstrate the many ways that tennis can benefit a community, on and off the court.