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Junior Current Standings
USTA South Carolina Current Standings are now available. This standings list was calculated using the Points Per Round ranking system. (A player will appear on this list once he/she has accumulated a minimum of 10 points). 

Following is additional IMPORTANT information: 

*** These standings include all tournaments that were published in the 12 months prior to date of publish. They will be updated at least on the (business day closest to the) 15th and 30th of each month. Some times of year, they are updated more frequently. Each tournaments points are calculated based on their level. A complete explanation of tournament levels can be found on www.sctennis.com. If there are a particular tournament’s results that are not included in the standings, please contact the tournament director. 

*** Standings are based on a players BEST 6 tournament results -Best 6 Singles and Best 6 Doubles Events. They may not be the same six tournaments. 

***The percentage of Doubles points that are included in the ranking has increased from 15% to 25% for the SC State Standings (implemented 1/1/2012). 

*** Bonus points are calculated based on the current standings list from the last day of the previous month. For example, May 15th and May 30th Current Standings Lists both include bonus points for wins over players with a standing of #1-#50. The bonus points for January standings lists were calculated based on the standing of the opponent from the December 31st Current Standings list. 

Sportsmanship in Junior Tennis

Sportsmanship_Wordmark_VertJunior tennis should be a fun and rewarding experience for our children. Character building lessons such as hard work, discipline, good sportsmanship, and endurance of adversity are regularly on display. Parents of junior players should also enjoy the time spent with their children, watching them develop not just into better tennis players but into good citizens. 

Regrettably, verbal abuse by some parents, coaches, and spectators directed at tournament referees, officials, and even other junior players and their parents is becoming more commonplace. These incidents adversely impact the players' and parents' tournament experience and create a negative and distressing atmosphere for all participants, parents and officials. Such abusive and improper conduct by a few is in violation of the governing rules and shall not be tolerated.

This guide was created to make all parties aware of sportsmanship expectations at USTA Sanctioned Tournaments.  It also offers excellent information on how to be a successful tennis parent. At the conclusion of the presentation, you will be redirected to a form confirming completion.  This only has to be done once, and you can input multiple children using the webpage by clicking “back” on your browser after getting notice of completion to input additional players.  Players from out of the Southern Section are encouraged to view the presentation, but are not required to complete the registration form.

USTA Southern Sportsmanship Presentation-click to view