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Youth Progression at Home

April 13, 2020


New to Youth Progression?

The USTA South Carolina Youth Progression system ensures that players under the age of 11 are using the appropriate ball, racquet, and court size for their level of play. Within this system, kids who want to play tennis will have the opportunity to experience appropriate levels of competition at each stage of the USTA South Carolina Junior Tennis Pathway. 


Along with accommodating the progress of each child, the Youth Progression system also provides the ancillary benefit of promoting goal setting. Learning to set goals is a beneficial habit for all players to develop at a young age. Youth Progression encourages players to set quantifiable and achievable goals at each stage of the beginning of their Junior Tournament careers and will equip players with a goal setting mindset to carry throughout their lives.


Players must accumulate at least 20 stars and/or trophies to advance from level to level. Learn more about Youth Progression here.


Already Part of Youth Progression?

Still earn credit in Youth Progression from the safety of home! Until the USTA suspension (May 31) is lifted, juniors will be able to earn stars towards their progression by submitting videos/pictures of themselves completing activities at home. Two stars will be awarded for each submission with a limit of two submissions per player.


Ready to get started? It's easy! 


  1. Get those racquets and cameras ready!
  2. Visit Net Generation here.
  3. Select Tennis Activity Videos under the "Play" tab.
  4. Pick a video to tackle! 
  5. Film or take a picture of yourself completing the tennis activity.
  6. Submit your video/picture and provide your USTA number.
  7. Once you have submitted your video/picture, watch those stars grow! 

Click here to submit your video/picture.

Have questions? Contact PJ Fulmer at