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Beginners Play State Championship

October 23, 2013 02:37 PM

It’s never too late to start playing tennis. All you need is a tennis racquet, a court and a couple of your friends.

That’s exactly what Mike Swindall had in mind when his Lexington Area Tennis Association 18 and over, 5.5 team decided to come together. The team is made up of friends and coworkers, a few who had never played tennis when the team was formed. They all wanted to do something together and Mike was the driving force that brought them to tennis.


Beginners typically play club tournaments and a lot of friendly matches to get started before playing in bigger tournaments. This group, however, didn’t want to waste any time and decided that their first tournament would be a state championship.

“Two of the guys on the team haven’t even played a match,” Mike said. “This will be their first match ever.”

Mike believes that tennis is a great sport that allows all of the team members to interact and get to know different people. “It’s a great social sport,” he said. “You get to meet people from blue collar, white collar, different ethnicities and different backgrounds.”

The team has a mixture of players, including a 21-year old who had a double lung transplant and another who plays on the team with his dad.

“The guys know each other and we have a fun time,” Mike said.

They exceeded their own expectations this weekend when they finished as the finalist in the tournament. This result will certainly encourage the team to keep moving forward.