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Tennis on Campus Provides Opportunities

November 8, 2013 12:23 PM

By Mario Cuadros

Tennis is a sport that can be enjoyed in multiple settings. It can be practiced as a family, competitive or friendly sport. Though many junior players dream about playing college tennis and the competition that comes with it, only a few are able to reach that point.

There is still an opportunity for those attending college to maintain their competitive nature. Tennis on Campus brings college students together through a sport they all enjoy. It allows junior players, regardless of their experience level, to continue playing and developing their games after high school alongside their peers.

Numerous colleges around the country are involved with Tennis on Campus, allowing for an increase in competition. The players get to travel and play in state, regional and national tournaments, which give them a feel of what being on a varsity team is actually like.TOCPIC

Being on a team doesn’t mean you will be traveling and competing at the highest level, however. There are two different teams available for a plethora of different levels of play. There is the competitive team, which is for players that demonstrate a high level and have experience in tournament play, and there is the recreational team, which is for players who enjoy playing tennis, but are still developing their game.

Even though the competition is intense, the one thing most players enjoy is the friendships they develop while they are on the team. These friendships extend from teammates to opponents.

“Players have a chance to meet so many new people and be a part of a team that becomes like family,” said Jordan Hunter, former player and vice president of the Tennis on Campus team at the University of South Carolina.

As a team, they not only enjoy their time on the court. The team also has plenty of activities they do off the court, which allows them to grow their friendships even more.

“We usually plan team dinners and parties regularly,” Hunter said. “Also, once a semester, there is usually a charity tennis tournament that is held to raise money for a local charity.”

The competition will be at its best this weekend, November 9-10, as colleges from around South Carolina compete in the state championships. Teams will be randomly flighted according to the number of team entries and each flight will play a round robin. The winners will then compete for the championship.

The top placing team from South Carolina is eligible for a $300 travel stipend to participate in the USTA Southern Section Tennis on Campus Championship held in the early spring of 2014.