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2005 USA Team Tennis Youth State Championships – Sumter, SC. July 22 –24

July 27, 2005 10:08 PM

The weekend of July 22-24 brought 15 teams from across the state to Sumter to compete in the 2005 USA Team Tennis State Championships.  Team completed in a round robin format against one another in the following age and level divisions:

12 & Under Intermediate - JTL Wildewood Fireballs
12 & Under Advanced - Wildewood Patriots
14 & Under Intermediate - Ace-In-The-Hole
14 & Under Advanced - Wildewood Crush
18 & Under Intermediate - Coldstream Cutters
18 & Under Advanced - JTL Camden

Through some tough matches came out the following winners and finalists:

12 & Under Intermediate

Winner – JTL – Wildewood Fireballs coached by Beth Drake
Finalist – YMCA coached by Chris Potter

12 & Under Advanced

Winner – Wildewood Patriots coached by Julian Horst
Note: the team competed in the 14 & Under Intermediate division, as there were no other teams of similar ability in this group.

14 & Under Intermediate

Winner – Ace-in-the-Hole coached by Melanie Hill and Mark Pearce
Finalist – Golden Hills coached by Helen Sons

14 & Under Advanced

Winner – Wildewood Crush coached by Doug Snyder
Note: the team competed in the 18 & Under Intermediate division, as there were no other teams of similar ability in this group.

18 & Under Intermediate

Winner – Cold Stream – Cutters coached by Freddy Goodman
Finalist – JTL – Greenview New Powers coached by Connie Johnson

18 & Under Advanced

Winner – JTL – Camden coached by Lari Chillag
Finalist – Greenville Aces coached by Melanie Hill

The state champions in the 14’s and 18’s divisions advance to the Sectionals tournament on August 13th and 14th in Chattanooga, TN.

Chris Gardiner of Crooked Creek, Ben Horst of Wildewood Fireballs, Julia Theus of Trenholm Hot Shots, Adam Dixon of JTL – Greenview New Powers, and Samantha Droops of Beaufort 1 won the Sportsmanship Award for their division.

USTA South Carolina would like to extend our sincere thanks to Sam Kiser and his staff at the Palmetto Tennis Center for all their support and help, Rachel Ward for her good work, our volunteers Bobbi Buff and Ed Bernier for their time and efforts, and all the program coordinators and coaches for their excellent work and commitment to youth tennis.