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USTA South Carolina Hires a New Greenville Community Tennis Coordinator

September 21, 2005 05:40 PM

Bonnie WebBonnie Duncan, Greenville Community Tennis Coordinator, is leaving her staff role with USTA South Carolina, having served nearly three years as a USTA South Carolina staff member. John Sheffield, Executive Director of the association, said of her, “Bonnie’s personality and work ethic has made a tremendous impact on tennis in Greenville and as a departing staff member, her skills and expertise will be greatly missed. It is good to know, though, that she'll still be a part of the South Carolina tennis family - we continue to be grateful for her contributions as a volunteer.” Duncan continues to serve as the volunteer Upper Piedmont Tennis Association (UPTA) Local League Coordinator and USTA South Carolina’s volunteer Super Senior State League Coordinator. In addition, she plans to further her volunteer activity with the UPTA community tennis association. She will train Todd Norton, her replacement as Community Tennis Coordinator, this fall.

ToddUSTA South Carolina welcomes Todd Norton as the new Greenville Community Tennis Coordinator. Norton was raised in Texas and after competing for many years in junior, high school, and college tennis he decided to explore this employment opportunities in this sport. He certified with the USPTA at a Pro 1 Level in 1991 and worked his way up to the position as Director of Tennis at Baywood Country Club in the Houston area. While working on a successful coaching and teaching career, he also served as the President for the Houston Area Professional Tennis Association, regional director for USPTA, and a Community Coordinator for USTA Texas. Norton extended his experience by becoming involved with the USA School Tennis program, Conducting Coach Development Workshops for USTA & USPTA, and speaking at annual conventions. He is also currently working as a member of the professional tennis staff at Holly Tree Country Club in Greenville, SC.