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2005 BMW Combo Doubles

February 13, 2006 03:36 PM

2005 BMW Combo Doubles Sectional Championships BASKS in BEAUTIFUL WEATHER and in Mobile, AL’s EXCEPTIONAL SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY!

190 teams (over 1,700 players) enjoyed a perfect tennis weekend for the 2005 BMW Combo Doubles Sectional Championships.

Scott and Lorraine Novak and their local team provided the ultimate “players’ event” with an attention to detail that was truly appreciated by all.

Congratulations to our Sectional Champions and Finalists!  Congratulations especially to our South Carolina Winners and Finalists: Winners: Women’s 5.5 Lexington, SC, Holly Sharpe, Captain; 7.5 Men’s Florence, SC, Richard Ralston, Captain Finalists: 7.5 Women Greenvlle, SC Carla Lea, Captain; 5.5 Sr. Women Greenwood, Martha Wilder, Captain: 6.5 Sr Men Greenville, Jim Royce, Captain’ 6.5 Super Senior Men’s McCormick, SC  Terry O’Reilly.

BMW Combo Doubles has exploded across the south in the last ten years: from 4,000 to 40,000 players in 23 divisions. This year, at USTA Southern Section President Jeff Gray’s urging, we debuted the Super Senior Division with 23 teams playing on immaculate clay courts at the Country Club of Mobile where Jeff Gray acted as host of the first time event as Director of Tennis there.

Women’s 5.0
Champions: Niki Burgess Lake Norman, NC
Finalists: Kristie Powers New Orleans, LA

Women’s 5.5
Champions: Holly Sharpe Lexington, SC
Finalists: Rebecca Cherry Jackson, TN

Women’s 6.5
Champions: Donna Mott Mandeville/Covington, LA
Finalists: Pat Farmer Jonesboro, AR

Women’s 7.5
Champions: Paula Moore Louisville, KY
Finalists: Carla Lea Greenville, SC

Women’s 8.5
Champions: Loralee Cehajic Shreveport, LA
Finalists: Dell Kelly Lexington, KY

Women’s 9.5
Champions: Cheryl Thompson Knoxville, TN (B)
Finalists: Susan Harris Birmingham, AL

Sr. Women’s 5.5
Champions: Lucy Smith Tuscaloosa, AL
Finalists: Martha Wilder Greenwood, SC (A)

Sr. Women’s 6.5
Champions: Carolyn Perkins Tuscaloosa, AL
Finalists: Marty Trewhitt Knoxville, TN

Sr. Women’s 7.5
Champions: Debbie McCoy Louisville, KY
Finalists: LuLu Horeyseck Winston-Salem, NC

Sr. Women’s 8.5
Champions: Maria Figard Charlotte, NC (B)
Finalists: Gay Engelbrecht Durham, NC (A)

Super Senior Women’s 6.5
Champions: Pat Murphy Winnsboro, LA
Finalists: Mary Blackmon Columbus, GA

Super Senior Women’s 7.5
Champions: Carolyn Kramer New Orleans, LA
Finalists: Connie Keltner Huntsville, AL

Men’s 5.5
Champions: Eddie Harris West Point, MS (A)
Finalists: Darren Boone Baton Rouge, LA

Men’s 6.5
Champions: Bob Dougherty Shreveport, LA
Finalists: Rob Bencini Greensboro, NC

Men’s 7.5
Champions: Richard Ralston Florence, SC
Finalists: Nathan McCallum Baton Rouge, LA

Men’s 8.5
Champions: Kurt Spielvogel Raleigh, NC
Finalists: Mark Gatewood Tuscaloosa, AL (B)

Men’s 9.5
Champions: David Neese Memphis, TN
Finalists: Brit Loyd Little Rock, AR

Senior Men’s 6.5
Champions: William Burgin Greensboro, NC (B)
Finalists: Jim Royce Lexington, SC

Senior Men’s 7.5
Champions: Mark Kalbacher Shreveport, LA
Finalists: Leonard Plitt Gulf Coast, MS (B)

Senior Men’s 8.5
Champions: Ricky Walker Columbus, MS
Finalists: Scott Carr Memphis, TN

Super Senior Men’s 6.5
Champions: Les Daniels Hot Springs Village, AR
Finalists: Terry O’Reilly McCormick, SC

Super Senior Men’s 7.5
Champions: Paul Fultz Memphis, TN
Finalists: Val Miller New Orleans, LA