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Place Your Bid to Host the State Adult Championships

August 10, 2006 06:08 PM


An Invitation for Bids

USTA South Carolina is hereby soliciting bids to host

The USA League Tennis

South Carolina Adult Championships

This tournament is held annually over a three-day period at first of June and includes 800–900 adult participants from the top teams from Local Leagues from around the state. The South Carolina Adult Championships are a lucrative chance to show off your facility and your community. The Championships, along with other tennis events, had an economic impact of over $8.5 million on the Charleston area in 2005. The event will draw approximately 500 players, who often bring family and friends to attend. The event is hosted by a USTA South Carolina member tennis facility and/or community on a contract bid basis, and is open to all facilities or communities that can meet the requirements as set forth in the accompanying documents and who can offer a quality setting for the successful presentation of the championships.

following are listed specific details of requirements for hosting this championship event. appended thereafter are the bid forms that must be completed by the host applicant. dates that the event will be held are indicated on the bid form, as well as the bid submittal deadline. applicants may bid to host the event for up to three years. host applicants may submit additional information concerning their community and tennis environment that may provide a more complete picture for bid selection officials to consider. the completed bid forms and any additional information should be submitted to the usta south carolina state league coordinator as shown on the bid forms.  click here for an online version of the form, or contact  Mary Goins




The host is responsible for providing a minimum of 40 courts for Adult State Championships.

The host is responsible for securing and submitting court commitments when submitting bids.

In the event of rain, back-up courts must be available. Host is responsible for court fees.

Water and ice must be available at every court site (water from source other than restroom faucets).

Restrooms at all sites must be available throughout the duration of play.

Telephones at each site and three additional cell phones for staff are required when multiple sites are used.

A tournament desk in a shaded area must be available at each site.

An adequate number of roll-dri’s at each hard court site must be provided.

Lunch for staff on duty at each tournament site is to be provided.

The host is responsible for researching permit requirements for concession and souvenir sales at sites.

Chairs must be on all courts for each player.

Fruit all day for players should be at each court site.


Hotel(s) (preferably one within close proximity to court sites) capable of accommodating 450 players and a staff of 25. Five complimentary rooms for staff for the 3-day period are required. Recommended capacity is at least 100 rooms with a large number of double rooms. Reasonable room rates (% off standard rates) are required. Additional hotels with comparable rates must be available for overflow.

Headquarters hotel must have a room with approximately 2000 square feet to serve as the tournament headquarters. Refreshments for volunteers must be available in headquarters.

A conference room large enough to accommodate 100 people for captains’ meeting is required.


The host is responsible for overall volunteer requirements for tournament administration.

A minimum of four (4) volunteers is required for player registration for each group of levels.

Two (2) volunteers will be needed daily during the event to assist in the tournament headquarters.

Shifts of volunteers are needed at each court site to assist at the tournament desk. Volunteers will assist from the beginning of each day’s scheduled play until play is completed for the day. Recommended number of volunteers for size of site:

1-10 courts 2 volunteers

11-20 courts 3 volunteers


The Host is responsible for a Player Welcome Reception on the night of team arrival/check-in.


One copier is required for the tournament room. The host is responsible for the cost of the copier.

A fax machine is required for the tournament room and all sites.

Telephones are required for the tournament headquarters and all sites. Telephone/Internet connection is required at each site.


The host is responsible for coordination of court site requirements as well as equipment requirements for event.


USTA/South Carolina grants the right for Host to sell sponsorships in select categories that are not competitive with USTA, USTA Southern Section or USTA South Carolina sponsors. Host may display banners advertising sponsorships.



USTA/South Carolina will approve the design and use of all logos and graphic designs.

USTA/South Carolina will provide the referee, deputy referee, and other site officials for the event. Staffing includes all committees needed for Championships (Grievance Committee and Appeal Committee).

USTA South Carolina will provide the supplies for the administration of the event.

USTA South Carolina will provide the tennis balls for the event.

USTA South Carolina will provide awards for champions and finalists.

USTA South Carolina will provide packets for each participating team with all information regarding the event.

USTA South Carolina will create the draws, manage court assignments and record scores.

USTA South Carolina will collect all entry fees from participating teams.

USTA South Carolina will provide $4,000.00 to help defray the cost of the Adult Championships.

USTA South Carolina will provide National and Sectional sponsorship banners.

USTA South Carolina will provide, host and maintain a Website prior to and during the event that includes schedules, results and general event information, and promotes tournament sponsors.