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A New Twist on Tennis

September 12, 2006 02:18 PM

Summer time and vacations are winding down, and so is the beach tennis season. In a fun and quirky variation of our favorite sport, beach tennis is an exiting, challenging way to take tennis with you when vacationing at the beach. The final even of USA Beach Tennis’ national tour was held on September 4, 2006 in Long Beach NY.

Beach Tennis

A couple of South Carolinians, Chris Henderson & Phil Whitesell of Charleston, successfully defended their national championship title and #1 U.S. ranking by winning the Men’s Pro division for the second straight year. Beach tennis is a mixture of tennis, volleyball and has a dash of badminton thrown in. The rules of the game are fairly simple and can be quickly picked up by any tennis player. Scoring is 15 - 30 - 40 and no-ad at deuce. At deuce, receiving team chooses which player will receive the serve. Only one hit per side, as in tennis and badminton. Unlike volleyball, there is no setting to your partner. One serve only, off the net counts, as in beach volleyball, no faults or lets. Serves must go cross-court. Touching the net in any way or breaking the plane of the net -- that is, reaching over the net with your racquet, even on the follow through -- will result in a loss of the point. Each match consists of one eight-game pro set. The match must be won by two games (e.g. 9-7). If the match score is tied at 8-8, a 12-point tennis tiebreaker (first team to 7 points wins) will be played to determine the winner. So, next time you’re packing for a beach vacation, remember to pack your tennis rackets and play some beach tennis.

Beach Tennis