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State Mixed Doubles Championships Results

September 14, 2006 03:12 PM

9 Teams Win USTA League Mixed Doubles State Championships

CHARLESTON SC -- Ninety-three of the state's 471 USTA Mixed Doubles League teams competed in last weekend's South Carolina Championships, with the hard fought tone of the Championships set by the Adult 10.0s in a humdinger of a series to determine who would advance to next month's Southern Sectionals.

The 10.0 title fight, so close that it was decided on sets lost, highlighted the tough competition and provided the backdrop for 1,043 (of the state's 6,316) players.  

Grand Strand teams made the best of their finals, winning three of three titles. Lexington and Columbia teams won two championships each, and also had three finalists apiece. Lowcountry and Greenwood captured the remaining two titles and each had a finalist, and the PeeDee provided the remaining finalist.

Play was held at four wonderful venues; Charleston Tennis Center, Charleston Recreation Center, Moultrie Playground and Maybank Tennis Center

The Adult 10.0 attracted two tough, and very evenly matched teams teams: Lowcountry's The Perfect (Ten)nis of St. Andrew's Parks and Playground, Charleston, and The Whippersnappers of Columbia. Of four scheduled matches, CTL

'Snappers won the first 3-0. LCTA took the second 2-1. Next, CTL

turned it around, winning 2-1. Then, The Perfect (Ten)nis won all three courts in the last match.  Both teams stood at 2-2 and each won 6 courts and lost 6. Championship went to the LCTAs by virtue of losing 15 sets to CTL's 16. In games, LCTA lost 116 and CTL 115.  "It was one of those matches where you felt neither team should lose," State Mixed Doubles Coordinator Patti McVey said. As it turns out in a way neither team did.  The runner-up Whippersnappers got a wildcard to advance to Sectionals.

The Championships were a great chance to watch some fantastic tennis on all levels of skill.  “The weekend could not have been better," McVey said.  There was "great weather, great tennis, and lots of fun for players and spectators."

The six adult team champions and three senior winners will be joined at the Southern Championships by a second SC wildcard, the Senior 7.0 finalist from Lexington. Sectionals will be played Oct. 20-22 in Cary, NC.

Here are the SC final results with captains' names in (parentheses):

Adult 5.0 -- LATA/Lexington Hit & Run (Susan Crane) 2, CTL/Trenholm Park Sandbaggers (Joey Britt) 1

Adult 6.0 -- GSTL/Grande Dunes Girlie Men & Women Too (Sloan McLin) 2, PD/Timrod (Michael Duff) 1

Adult 7.0 -- CTL II/Parklane Mixmatched (Brian Tolley) 2, LCTA I/Charleston Tennis Center (Kappe Manuel) 1

Adult 8.0 -- GSTL/Prestwick Got Game (Greg Harrelson) 2, CTL/Parklane Back Again (Brigitte Junis) 1

Adult 9.0 -- CTL I/Trenholm Park Just Having Fun (Christy Fowles Britt) 2, LATA/Lexington Double Trouble (Kerri Muckenfuss) 1

Adult 10.0 -- LCTA/St. Andrews The Perfect (Ten)nis (Brian Burke) won round robin over CTL/Whippersnappers (Emma Catherine Hewitt)

Senior 6.0 -- LATA I/Lexington Old Racquets (Scott Jumper) 3, LATA II/Topspin Betty's Wildcards (Dale Johns) 0

Senior 7.0 -- GATA/Gatewood (Don Grigsby) 2, LATA/Hers and His (Charles Carnaggio) 1

Senior 8.0 -- GSTL/Grande Dunes Mixed Up (Bonnie Trask) 3, GATA/Gatewood Seniors (Frankie Manning) 0 

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