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December 30, 2006 10:26 PM

[Revised 1/3/07]

Dates have been set for clinics in 2007 during which training will be given for 2008 certification. Officials wishing to become re-certified for 2008 must attend the appropriate clinics. Officials certified for 5 or more years can complete all their schools in one day. Officials with less than 5 years experience must attend the Sunday USTA clinic and may attend the Saturday afternoon Referee and ITA schools. Prospective officials can qualify as Provisional umpires by attending the USTA [basic] class. All referees and ITA officials must attend clinics every year. If you have any questions about what you must, can or cannot attend, contact Kurt Wassén at

 All tests are now online at* and are to be taken with the 2006 FAC before coming to classes. A test must be completed and your answer sheet turned in at the beginning of each segment of a school. If the test is not handed in at this time, you will not receive credit for attending that school and must attend another school. No exceptions. To get credit for each clinic, you must attend the entire class.

Provisional:  those wanting to become officials for the first time must download from* the Provisional exam and the USTA exam, take them open-book using the 2006 Friend At Court and bring both answer sheets to class. New officials may only attend Referee or ITA clinics with prior approval from SC District Chairman Wassén. [Note Re Provisional Exam: instructions say to use 2007 FAC for reference; however, if not available, use 2006 FAC.]

* To find the tests on USTA.Com, go to Tournaments & Leagues; then scroll over to Officials. On the Officials site, scroll down on the right side to Training and Education where you will see the exams. Click on selected exam, download and print.

National and Professional Level officials who are only line and chair umpires are exempt from attending a clinic in 2007.

The following schools are scheduled. Online registration is required at[E-mail applications sent to K. Wassén will not be accepted.]

Please note the deadlines and size limits.

•  Jan. 26, 27, 28 – Columbia, USC School of Medicine, 6439 Garners Ferry Rd. [off I-77, exit 9]  Instructor: Joe Buys, Utah.
•  Feb. 3, 4 – Florence, Jeffers Center at 400 Timrod Park Drive. Instructor: K.Wassén.
•  Feb. 10, 11 – Greenville Country Club, 239 Byrd Blvd. [off Augusta Rd., near I-85, exit 46A]  Instructor: Carole Cox, Tennessee.
•   Feb. 25 – Lexington, LCTC [off US 1 at 425 Oak Dr.]—One-Day Referee, Only for the re-certification of currently certified referees.  Instructor: Kurt Wassén
•   Apri1 28, 29 – Charleston, Family Circle Tennis Center, Daniel Island. Instructor: Kurt Wassén

Questions: Call Kurt Wassén, 843-696-1493 or e-mail at

If you are unable to attend a SC clinic, check NC at or GA at For those in Hilton Head, there is a clinic in Savannah, GA at The Landings on February 24–25; contact Dennis Mallast at if you want to attend.

For directions to SC schools, click here.

To register online, click here. Do not delay.