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Change in Rating Process

February 12, 2007 06:42 PM

The states and Southern Adult League Committee decided to use NTRP tournament data in 2003-2006. In those same years, they opted not to use age group or combo data because of the frequent disparity between player levels. The sections do not have a choice in using adult, senior, mixed, or super senior data.

While the initial intent was  to include NTRP data for 07 year end ratings, several cases came to light in November 06 that indicated that the tournament data was not improving ratings but, in too many cases was producing a lower or higher rating than years of league history indicated to be appropriate. 

Overall NTRP Tournament participation in the Southern Section has decreased.  Player concern that participating in tournaments would impact their NTRP rating has been identified as a leading factor.  Consequently, the Adult League Committee voted to revise the 07 regulations to exclude NTRP tournament data from the 2007 Southern year end ratings.

NTRP Tournaments were created to provide additional competition for players and to provide a vehicle to earn state and sectional “rankings” via tournament play.  Many players confuse “rankings” with “ratings”.  Points are accumulated by participating in NTRP Tournaments toward state and/or sectional rankings. Players earn more points depending on the round that they reach in the tournament: for instance, a 300 point Southern NTRP Championship tournament earns 300 points for the champion, 250 points for the finalist, 215 points for 3rd place, 200 points for 4th place, 150 points for 5-8 place, etc.  Your state rankings may have different requirements and point values but basically are handled the same way if your state uses a “points per round” system.  Currently, there are no national NTRP Tournament competitions. For the Southern and State NTRP and Age Group Tournament Schedules, go to and the State Association websites.