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New Benefits for USTA Members

February 26, 2007 09:05 PM

Through a partnership with the USTA and USTA South Carolina are excited to report new member benefits.  As you may have noticed, there is a slight increase in the fees paid through Tennis Link to play leagues and tournaments.  This small fee gives you acces to some great benefits including discounts on movie tickets, restaurants, and much more. is a web service that the USTA has partnered with to help handle the ever increasing volume of tournament and league players.  This partnership will be  very beneficial to you, the USTA member.  The list of benefits is extensive and includes the aforementioned discounts on movie tickets and restaurants, as well as Barnes and Noble, car rentals, sports equipment, airline tickets, Circuit City, and many more that are too numerous to mention here.  The programs are all very simple to use.  Simply use the link at the bottom of this article, the link at the top of, or go to then click on membership, and then click on the new member benefits banner.  You will need to  to get your USTA member password if you don't already know it (Just click here and put your USTA number in) but after that it's very simple. 

There is only one instance where you must register a credit card(s), and that is only if you want to take advantage of the dining program.  For this program, you don't need to get a new card, just register up to five of your existing credit or debit cards.  With the dining program, once you register a card (or up to five cards) the discount is automatically taken out of your credit/debit card statement at the end of the month once you have saved the $39 to cover the enrollment fee.  However, it will not show up on your bill in the restaurant, so you can be discreet about your savings.   In the other programs,  you simply visit, log into the member benefits account and use the links provided.  One note, don't go directly to the company's web site (i.e. as you won't be able to get the discount.  You must log in through the link.

The new fees are based on a percentage (7.5% plus $.50) of the program fee charged by your program coordinator or tournament director.  The minimum registration fee is $3 per event.  These fees are included on the total you see on the payment screen on Tennis Link.  The local program fees (on the whole) have not been raised, so it's probably not the coordinator/director's fault that the fees went up. 

New fees are never popular, but the benefits quickly outweigh the fees.  For example, in Columbia, a movie ticket costs about $7.50 on a Friday night.  With the new AMC discount tickets, you can pre-order your ticket for just $5.50, with no processing fee, unlike most tickets ordered online.  See two movies and you've already saved the cost of the new fee's for most leagues.  Even bigger savings could be yours through the dining discounts – up to 20%. That could mean $20 to $40 savings on the business or family entertaining you might have been planning to do anyway. Savings like that could cover all your league and tournament processing fees for the whole year!

Enjoy Your New Discounts by Clicking Here

If you have any questions about the new fees, or new benefits, contact or call 1-800-990-8782 8am-10pm.