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New Juniors Zonal Application Process

May 2, 2007 04:26 PM

The 2007 Zonal application/registration process will open May 1. This year, all applications will be done online as you would enter any other tournament.
Three sites have been set up on the TennisLink Searchable Schedule for the 2007 Zonal registration and the three sites are as follows:

July 8 USTA Southern Section BG 14 Zonal Application   – ID# 703454207   Entries open May 1
July 25 USTA Southern Section BG 12 Zonal Application – ID# 703448207   Entries open May 1
July 25 USTA Southern Section BG 16 Zonal Application – ID# 703454107   Entries open May 1

Anyone can apply for a Zonal but the endorsement requirements will be followed. Selections will be made off of the standings list of those meeting the requirements
Please realize that both Dothan and Raleigh will be hosting a 14 Zonal, but Southern will only participate at Dothan. Raleigh will host their event for other Sections. Our players do not have a choice of the two, they are playing at Dothan.
The 12’s will only participate at Nashville this year.
The 16’s will only compete at Wake Forest.
Each of the Zonal sites has their own tournament home page, but to register for a Southern team, you must register at one of the sites listed above.
If anyone has a question, please contact Scottie Rabb at 803-781-2574 or your endorsers.