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Greenville 3.0 and 3.5 Host With the Most …. Champions, That Is

June 6, 2007 01:44 PM

GREENVILLE SC (6/5/07) -- Upper Piedmont invited everyone in for a weekend of fun and tennis, then Greenville teams unceremoniously wrapped up three of four USTA League South Carolina Adult 3.0 and 3.5 State Championships. Women of the host site Greenville Country Club won two of the four titles.
Friday evening's player reception at Saffron Café in Greenville's restored area got everyone in a good mood. Players enjoyed the good food, music and sightseeing walks around the city center.
Matches went on as scheduled all Saturday, but an uninvited guest--Tropical Storm Barry--made a mess of things Sunday morning. State League Coordinator Mary Goins and the crew of volunteers muddled through, having only to resort to no-ad scoring and wholesale match time changes. The indoor courts at Furman University and the Westside club came in handy for catching up by Sunday night. Other sites used were Thornblade Country Club, Riverside Tennis Club and Pavilion Recreation Center. Thanks to all the clubs for their help and flexibility.
Monday's semifinalists and finalists shushed T.S. Barry on his way, but had to contend with some gusty playing conditions. UPTA's three champions and one from PeeDee join the South Carolina lineup of Adult 2.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5 and Open teams as well as all Senior levels heading for Southern Sectional Championships July 21-29 in Mobile AL.
Here are Monday's final results, with team captains in (parentheses):

W3.0 -- UPTA #2/Greenville CC Power Point (Jeanne Robinson) 3, SATA/Westside (Wendy Clark) 2
M3.0 -- UPTA/Yazoo (Jeff Gross) 3, GSTL/Riverfront Beer If You Win (Raymond Toth) 2
W3.5 -- UPTA/Greenville CC Volley Girls (Rita Wells) 3, LCTA #1/Farmfield Fabulous Five (Debbie Sisco) 2
M3.5 -- PD/Timrod (Ricky Snipes) 3, LCTA #1/Mt. Pleasant Rec Hoppin' Johns (John Fanning) 2

(Abbreviation key: GSTL = Grand Strand/Myrtle Beach; LCTA = Lowcountry/Charleston; PD = PeeDee/Florence; SATA = Spartanburg; UPTA = Upper Piedmont/Greenville)

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2007 Adult Champs 3.0 M Champs

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