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New Columbia/Lexington Singles League That's Specially Designed for Busy Players--Sign Up by June 27!

June 21, 2007 03:17 PM

Flex League Poster

There's a new league in town and it's designed specially for singles players with busy schedules. This new league which is open to USTA members and non-members alike, is called Flex League. In this league format you are your own team. You can set your own weekly schedule, with one match a week. No more having to rearrange your schedule around tennis, no more forfeiting matches because your team is short a player; it’s just you against the world. The Flex League gives you a chance to take to the courts when you want, with an amazing level of flexibility. New technology being employed by the USTA will help you keep track of your matches.

Registration will be by gender and NTRP level. If numerous players sign up for a particular level, that level might be split into divisions. Each division will have a round robin format. (You'll be assigned to play everybody in your division.) Match scheduling will be primarily though e-mail, so when you register with flex leagues, please make sure that your e-mail address is correct (and that it is an account that you actually check!). Merchandise prizes will be awarded to the winners! One match a week is required, just like a regular league, but if you forget to schedule a match, the Flex League server will send you a reminder. You can also use the server to email potential opponents, or get their contact information. One other small but important bonus for USTA members is that you get a discount on league fees. For non-members the fee is $35, but for USTA members the fee is cut by nearly 1/3 to just $25.
The pilot leagues are forming now, so contact Graham Cox at or call 800-644-7282 to get started.

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