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Flex League Pilot Taking Off

July 9, 2007 01:52 PM

The pilot program for the USTA Flex League is taking off in the Columbia/Lexington area.  Over 200 players signed up for the new league and the response has been extremely positive.  Reflecting the flexible scheduling, some players have already played three matches, while others have taken time off around the 4th of July holiday and haven't played any matches.
In this league format you are your own team.  You can set your own weekly schedule, averaging one match a week.  No more having to rearrange your schedule around tennis, no more forfeiting matches because your team is short a player; it’s just you against the world.  New technology being employed by USTA Southern will help you keep track of your matches on  If you forget to schedule a match, the Flex League server will send you a reminder.  You can also use the internet to email potential opponents, or get their contact information.  One other small but important bonus for USTA members is that you get a discount on league fees.  For non-members the fee is $35, but for USTA members the fee is cut by nearly 1/3 to just $25.  Gift certificates will be awarded to local winners.

We're looking for local coordinators, so if you're interested in helping out in your area, contact John Sheffield at 800-644-7282 or at