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Southern Section Championships Results

August 1, 2007 01:29 PM

USTA South Carolina teams made their usual strong showing at the USTA Southern Section League Championships, held in Mobile, AL. Four South Carolina teams advanced to the National Championships, that's 20% of the Southern Section teams.
The four South Carolina winners were:
3.5 Adult Women-LCTA-Debbie Sisco,Captain
3.0 Sr. Women-HH- Sandy Maylen, Captain
3.5 Sr. Women-LCTA-Elisabeth Pickelsimer
Open Men-LCTA-Chris Henderson
We just missed having a fifth team, with the Senior Men's 3.5 team missing advancement by just one set. All of our teams made great showings and we want to congratulate them on their accomplishments. The tournament was split between four sites and was played in two halves as there were over 2,000 players playing 1,600 individual matches. That's a lot of tennis, and it's also why the Southern Section League Championship is called the world's largest tennis tournament. For more detailed match information and pictures you can go to

07 Southern Sectionals 3.5 Women's Champs

07 Southern Section 3.5 Sr Women Champs

07 Southern Sectiona Sr Women's 3.0 Champs

07 Southern Section Mens Open Champs

07 Southern Sectional Sr. Men's 3.0 Finalist

07 Southern Sectionals Sr Men 4.0 Finalist