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Mixed Doubles State League Championship Results

October 1, 2007 04:38 PM

The Mixed Doubles State League Championship was held September 7-10 in Charleston. The weather was hot and muggy, but the players sweated through the heat for some great matches. The Columbia and Lexington teams dominated the finals taking three and four championships home respectively. Pee Dee and Grand Strand teams snatched up the remaining two championships.

Adult Champions: Adult Finalists:
5.0A Susan Crane, Captain, LATA 5.0A Susan Keith, Captain, SATA
6.0A Bob Masella, Captain, CTL 6.0A Lance Tyner, Captain, PD
7.0A Christina Poston/Kay Wescott 7.0A Lee Barton, Captain, PD
Co-captains, LATA
8.0A Lee Barton, Captain, PD 8.0A Debbie Laney, Captain, CTL
9.0A Sunny Reeves, Captain, CTL 9.0A Kerri Muckenfuss, Captain, LATA
10.0A Kerri Muckenfuss, Captain, CTL 10.0A Katrina Gildemeister, Capt, GSTL

Senior Champions: Senior Finalists:
6.0S John Davis, Captain, LATA 6.0S Pat Kenworthy, Captain, HH
7.0S Debbie Gee, Captain, LATA 7.0S Don Grigsby, Captain, GATA
8.0S Bonnie Trask, Captain, GSTL 8.0S Frankie Manning, Captain, GATA

2007 10.0 Mixed Champs

2007 10.0 Adult Mixed Finalist

2007 9.0 Adult Mixed Champs

2007 9.0 Adult Mixed Finalist

2007 Adult 8.0 Mixed Champs

2007 Adult Mixed 8.0 Finalist

2007 Adult mixed 7.0 champs

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2007 Adult Mixed 6.0 Champs

2007 Adult Mixed 6.0 finalist

5.0 Adult Mixed Doubles State Champions

9/27/2007 5:41:00 PM5.0 Finalist: Susan Keith, Captain, SATA nocenterno300400 img_68_1713_3331.jpg0.228,0.2103,0.27,0.36nono

2007 Senior Mixed 8.0 Champs

8.0 Adult Mixed Doubles

7.0 Senior Mixed Doubles

2007 Senior Mixed 7.0 Finalist

6.0 Senior Mixed Doubles State Champions

2007 senior mixed 6.0 finalist