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Combo Doubles State Championship Information

October 9, 2007 08:38 PM

Below is information for the Combo Doubles State Championship.  Please note the dress code for the Daniel Island Tennis Center (Only ladies will be playing there).

  1. TEAM REGISTRATION (Check-in) Thursday, Oct. 25, 3:00-5:15
    These teams play Friday through Sunday: 5.0 Adult Women, 5.5 Adult Women, 6.5 Adult Women, 8.5 Adult Women, 5.5 Adult Men, All Senior Men and Women and all Super Seniors
  2. TEAM REGISTRATION (Check-in)……………Friday, Oct. 26, 3:00-5:15
    All Adult teams that did not come in early.  These teams play Saturday through Monday. 
    Family Circle Tennis Center
    161 Seven Farms Drive
    Charleston, SC 29492
  3. CAPTAIN’S MEETING 5:30 at Family Circle after your team’s registration.
    If a Captain is unable to attend he/she must send a responsible team member. Important tournament information will be discussed at this meeting and any changes in the draw.
  4. The PLAYERS’ RECEPTION will be from 6:00-8:00 at the Family Circle on Friday night.
    There will be a cash bar.
    The Charleston Pro’s will be playing their tennis finals that evening.
    You must have your ticket (from packet). Tickets can be purchased for guests.

There is a dress code for the Daniel Island Tennis Center.  Only women will play at that location.  If you play a match there, please make sure you adhere to the dress code (Found Here).

You can find the Captain's Letter here.

State Championship for BMW Combo Doubles- Adult/Seniors
*NTRP Self-Rate Violation Grievances filed after October 10, 2007 against anyone participating in the STA BMW Combo Doubles League State Championships will be administered after BMW Combo Doubles State Championship unless the USTA Southern Section Adult League Committee Chair, Vice-Chair and Sectional League Coordinator authorize the administration of the grievance prior to that time.  If the grievance is not administered until after the BMW Combo Doubles State Championships, points won by players will stand.  Disqualified players and/or captains that are suspended will not be eligible to advance to the Sectional Championships.