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Combo Doubles State Championship Result

November 14, 2007 08:17 PM
Our Combo Championship started out just like last year. We received the much needed rain but it is not what tennis players want to see. . We were totally washed out on Friday and were not able to start some of the matches till noon on Saturday. Thanks to Rob Eppelsheimer and his staff at the Family Circle Tennis Center, for working so hard to get all the courts playable and for giving us extra courts so we could catch up. All tennis players' love playing in Charleston but we are thinking of playing our next state championship in Egypt.
We had 177 teams playing this year with 1827 players playing at our championship. We could not have gotten this done without the great volunteer staff that we had. We had to face a lot of obstacles but one we did not need when some hotels decided to set the clocks back a week early. It was costly to some players and even some of our staff who was late in getting the matches started. 
We had to begin our matches playing pro-sets but were able to finish up playing "normal" tennis, although we are beginning to forget what normal is at the Combo Championship.
We want to thank the following for allowing us to use their courts for this large event:
Family Circle Tennis Center, Daniel Island Club, Mt. Pleasant Recreation Center, and Snee Farms. and then the following for giving us courts after our "wash out", Wild Dunes, Farmfield, St Andrews, and The Citadel.

5.0 Adult Champs, Capt. Sue Simonds

5.5 Adult Champs, Capt. Julie Drew

5.5 Adult Champs, Capt. Lee Larrew

5.5 Senior Champs, Capt. Martha Wilder

6.5 Adult Champs, Capt. Molly Harner

6.5 Adult Champs, Capt. Henry Sims

6.5 Senior Champs, Capt. John Waddell

6.5 SeniorChamps, Capt. Debora Farr

6.5 Super Senior Champs, Capt. Margaret Heyd

6.5 Super Senior Champs, Capt. Herb Mitchell

7.5 Adult Champs, Capt. Gene Owens

7.5 Adult Champs, Capt. Tim Ward

7.5 Senior Champs, Capt. Andrea Stanford

7.5 Senior Champs, Capt. Don Grigsby

7.5 Super Senior Champs, Capt. Barb Dellamora

7.5 Super Senior Champs, Capt. Lynn Hunt

8.5 Adult Champs, Capt. Rolfe Olsen

8.5 Adult Champs, Capt. Timothy Sinclair

8.5 Senior Champs, Capt. Dora Capell

8.5 Senior Champs, Capt. Paul Graham

9.5 Adult Champs, Capt. Kerri Muckenfuss

9.5 Adult Champs, Capt. Joseph Roche