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Columbia Tennis League Tennis Queens

February 26, 2008 02:27 PM

By Nan Smith

The 6.5 Combo Doubles State Champions from South Carolina headed out to Baton Rouge, LA on January 24th with several “missions” in mind. Seven ladies from Columbia Tennis League not only wanted to play some tennis, we wanted to have some fun and win the Mardi Gras costume contest! While in Baton Rouge, we had a full day of rain! (Hmmm…that seems to be a “thing” for SC combo state, too!) All matches were changed to pro-sets, no ad scoring – yikes! Friday’s matches were all cancelled and were rescheduled for Saturday late into the evening! Even though we ended up with a match at 9:00 PM on Saturday, we were determined to still compete in the costume contest at the player party. Needless to say, we had a great time dressed as Tennis Queens! Our names? (Left to right) Miz. 10-POINT-TIELand (Mary Ann Killen), Miz. SERVEia (Marlene Neal), Miz. SLICEland ( Leigh Matthews), Miz. LOBeria (Robin Simpson), Miz Ad-INdia (Cheryl Chandler), Miz CzhechosLOVEakia (Captain, Molly Harner), Miz TENNISuela (Nan Smith)
We did come home with the prize for best costume, lots of memories and new friends! (Our only loss came to the eventual winner – Louisiana)

Baton Rouge Costume Contest