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Hilton Head Island's Public Tennis Center at Chaplin Park is up and running!

February 23, 2004 10:16 PM
The Center's 2.5 Adult women's team (red Tshirts) played its historic first match at the new public tennis facility on Saturday, February 22.  Though they lost the match by a 2-1 score against the Moss Creek Cougars, a very worthy team, they came close to winning in both doubles matches. 
The four Adult League teams playing with the Public Tennis Center as home--Women's 4.0, Men's 3.5, Men's 3.0, and Women's 3.0 mark the first independent USTA teams in league play since Dennis Malick put together winning teams several years back at the Hilton Head Island Beach and Tennis Resort, a private facility open to the general public. 
Upwards of 60 players, most of whom would otherwise not have been able to participate, have signed on with the four teams,

Plans are underway to expand in the near future USTA league play to the other four public courts available at Cordillo.