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Wheelchair Clinic Held at Family Circle Cup

April 21, 2008 06:23 PM

Professional Tennis Registry Vice President, Julie Jilly, presided over a wheelchair tennis drills clinic and exhibition Wednesday afternoon at the Family Circle Cup on Daniel Island, South Carolina. The exhibition featured PTR members Bob Masella and Dave Rogers, along with Holly Wise, of MUSC and Pam Pearce, of SCTA.

Organized by the South Carolina Wheelchair Tennis Committee, the purpose of the event was to promote and educate players and the public about wheelchair tennis. Able bodied spectators also had the opportunity to try to hit in the specially designed sport wheelchairs provided by the SC Tennis Association and Bob Masella, Chairman of the Wheelchair Committee. Masella was instrumental in securing the four sport chairs for the SCTA so they can host events like these and invite local rehab patients to try tennis. The chairs are also used so teaching pros can learn how to instruct wheelchair tennis.

Wheelchair Clinic

Source: PTR